This tutorial will guide you through on how to copy game save files to your PS3.

  • External Storage device (Being a USB/Flash Drive, External HDD, Flash Card)
  • PC (to download to)
  • PS3

1. First you're going to download the game save to your desktop.

2. If you have WinRAR, skip to Step 4. You are going to need to download WinRAR (

3. Click "Save". When the download is complete, you should be able to click, "Run", "Open Folder", or "Close". You click "Run". Your computer may say the publisher could not be verified. Just click "Run". After it installs, find your game save. Right click on the file, and click "Extract Here".

4. You should then see a folder labeled "PS3". Do NOT edit, move, or delete anything in that folder at all! You're now going to plug your USB Flash Drive, iPod, PSP, etc. into your computer's USB Drive. Right click on Start and click "Explore" OR go to "My Computer" and find your USB Flash Drive, iPod, PSP, etc.

5. Move your "PS3" folder to your USB Flash Drive, iPod, PSP, etc.

6. When it is on your USB Flash Drive, iPod, PSP, etc. then take it to your PlayStation 3 Console.

7. Plug your Flash Drive into the USB Port on your PlayStation 3 (located at the bottom in the front).

8. Turn your PlayStation 3 console on, and log in. Go to the "Game" section and go down to "Saved Data Utility". Press "X" and the first thing you should see "USB Device" or something close to that. Press "X". You should then see your game save! Then all you have to do is press the triangle button on your PlayStation 3 Controller and click "Copy".

That is it, you now have your game save to your PlayStation 3!

Alternate guide below:

1. Download a game save to desktop.

2. Once you have downloaded your PS3 game save it will be in a rar/zip format extract it to your desktop. You may receive 3 folder UK, JAP, USA extract whatever save from what region your in. I live in the UK so I will extract the UK game save.

3. Copy the PS3 folder over to your memory stick or USB in my case its my memory stick.

4. Windows will ask you if you wish to confirm folder replace just select Yes to all.

5. Now disconnect your memory stick or USB and plug it back into your PS3

6. Once you have plugged it back in goto the Saved data utility on your PS3 which is under the Game menu.

7. You will either see Memory stick or USB device select whichever device has your game save on mine is memory stick

8. You will then see your gamesave that you downloaded I downloaded the motorstom gave save which you can see here in this photo.

9. Press Triangle on your game save and select copy it will now copy the gamesave from your memory stick or USB device to the PS3's HDD.

10. Start up the game and enjoy!