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    Post How to Transfer any PS1 Saves to your PS3

    This will require:

    - A PSP
    - A USB cable
    - A Memory Stick

    First off, get a PS1 gamesave in the PS1 format (the ones meant for POPStation). If you have a save thats not in the PSP format Im pretty positive there are converters.

    Place your savegame in ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA.

    Hook your PSP up to your PS3 via USB.
    In the XMB, click [Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)].
    Then click on [PSP].

    It should give you a list of the PS1 saves on your PSP's mem stick. Then simply copy then to your HDD.

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    Apr 2005

    Post How to Transfer PS1 Saves Between PSP and PS3

    Another revision... This will require:

    - A PS3 (won't get far with out one )
    - A PSP (won't get far without one of these too)
    - A USB cable (The one supplied for charging your PS3 is suitable)
    - A Memory Stick

    Got a PS1 game you play on both on the go with your PSP and on your PS3 at home? You want to carry on your progress from the other console? Then this is for you.

    1. Have a PS1 save either on your PSP or PS3.
    2. Plug your PSP into PS3 via USB cable.
    3. Go to memory card utility (PS/PS2) on your PS3 under the game icon.
    4. To transfer game saves from your PSP select your PSP system and copy them over. To transfer gamesaves from the PS3 to the PSP select the gamesave under the internel memory card.
    5. That's it!

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