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    EiKii Guest

    Post How to Successfully Use Infectus to Read/Write PS3 NAND


    All started when i got an Infectus installed in my waninbrick PS3 (CECHG04), hooked it up with the regular apps for flashing found, and immediately my problems start.

    And these problems i had for well over an week until i got it sorted out, itís not like there is any decent guide out there how-to use infectus to read/write youíre ps3 NAND, so i thought i give it a shot and make a small how-to setup and get youíre infectus running software wise.

    SO i read these guide telling to use
    • PS3NANDProgrammer1_41
    • Flow Rebuilder 230.
    • Flow Rebuilder 350. [BETA]
    • NANDECC 130.

    So ok well got them all but i had no luck whatsoever with these tools and my infectus, i managed to dump my NAND, thatís about it rest just gave me 1024 write errors etc.


    I talked to Dospiedra and he pointed me towards some other tools he had lying around,

    These can be found at http://www.multiupload.com/8FHWPEO72O

    And seconds later i had all up and running fine read/write and all,

    First make sure you have the Infectus drivers installed, and the latest fw on the chip to work with ps3 DUAL NAND programmer. If you have updated the chip with infectus you need to "downgrade" the programmer to make it work with ps3. How to install the right firmware can be found in this rar, an small how-to and the needed tools http://www.multiupload.com/4ZE46CBUPB

    Second unpack the rar file, install libusb and run it, find youíre infectus driver in the list and select it, then install when done you can exit libusb. This will make youíre infectus show up in the included flasher application Infectus NAND Flasher v.

    And you should be good to go, as soon as i had this info the software part were solved which i had a lot of problems with, and i guess others will to because itís not very common what tools work and how,

    Some small tips:

    First of never use an old Flow Rebuilder, the newest ( included in pack) has some algo tweaks which makes it work "best" so far.

    Untick the box Check ECC during DUMP and WRITE operations (slower but safer), and if it asks if it should try fixing a bad ECC choose NO.

    In my own experience i suggest using external power to make sure the read/writes doesnít get corrupted. Had some problems recently when first not using any external power then all of a sudden when trying to flash it says i need to make sure the chip is properly plugged in (LEDīs dimmed down) hooked up my external power PROBLEM SOLVED, so it worked to use no external for a while but afaik safest is to use it all the time.

    Oh almost forgot, here is the files Dospiedra released to downgrade/fix waninbricks WITH and added patchcos.bin for 3.55 (the other was based on 3.41 but should work) but in my case it didnīt so Dospiedra fixed a 3.55 cos for my case.

    So 1patchcos.bin is based on 3.41 And 1patchcos355.bin is based on 3.55 and worked for me. The original 1patchcos.bin should work so try it first, in rare cases (like me) it doesnít then try 3.55 one.

    Download these files at http://www.multiupload.com/GBEC64BE2B

    The above files are used for downgrading and fixing bricked ps3, when you got your flash dump you patch it with.

    Short guide for downgrading/waninbrick

    1. When making youíre first dump, make 100% sure you have a good dump, make several to be safe and check their hash, so you donít end up with an corrupt flash which could mean u are in deep trouble.

    2. So you got your NAND flash dumps, congrats this is the easy part if your console is normal (not like mine lol), use FlowRebuilder v. unscramble then interleave flashes into one unified dump we will call it flashfinal.bin

    3. Open flashfinal.bin with the choice of yours hex editor, im using HxD itīs simple and clean.

    3a. Go to offset: 000C0020 which should look something like this [Like the other guides]

    I think going to the right offset is safest, note that this can probably differ slightly. but it should be what so close.

    NOTE: I checked a 3.66 dump and the offsets is still the same to USE THE OFFSETS where to start patching


    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Open 1patchcos.bin and copy all of its content, and in flashfinal.bin paste WRITE from the above offset.

    This one is optional, i would suggest trying without this patch first, i did have success without this patch below

    3b. Now go to offset: 00093800 and you should find something like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Open 2patchtrvk.bin and copy all of its content and paste WRITE from the above offset


    5. Again open FlowRebuilder v. and this time we want to Re-scramble modified dump then de-interleave it into two new flashes. Choose your flash0 and flash1 and the flashfinal you modified. When done it should say 42 or 43 blocks modified each NAND depends on if you only did one or both patches
    This will make us end up with 2 new files called i.e. flash0.bin.new.bin and flash1.bin.new.bin

    6. Flash these modified flash0 and flash1 with Infectus NAND Flasher v., when done unplug hook it up and now you should have a green light but black screen (might differ)

    7. Depending on if you were in service mode before (downgrading, then skip this) or not (fixing waninbrick) Plug in the dongle and put your ps3 in service mode (if you donít know how to do this Google is your friend)

    8. Make a downgrade to your desired fw

    NOTE1: Remember that the fw you choose here will set your ps3īs min version possible

    NOTE2: if you are patching with 3.55cos you have to use the special 3.55 downgrade method, which means you will get 3.41 as min version

    This can be changed with doing the "DOWNGRADE" Procedure again, choosing another fw in service mode downgrade.

    When attempting to do an downgrade enter service mode before patching, it will make it easier, even if you forgot its ok no problem you just needs to enter service mode. (this is only possible when downgrading) BUT remember donít enter service mode on 3.66 unless you have a hardware flasher, as you will be stuck in service mode on 3.66

    And at last, i have a SEM-001 motherboard, and i successfully got my brick up and running again

    I hope this lousy guide helps someone to at least get pointed in the right direction, i know my English sucks and all but hey you should understand some of it. I gave it a shot and putted up a small guide.

    With that said thanks to Dospiedra for the tools and help to get my waninbrick running again (had problems there to, but thatís another story) i might be able to help someone if they having problems with their downgrade.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the guide EiKii and +Rep!

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    EiKii Guest
    Ty, Updated my guide, but noticed i can't edit my post, please replace my old with this new updated guide.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up

    I have now updated the first post with your revised guide- Thanks again!

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    EiKii Guest
    Hope it maybe can help someone, i know i had a lot of problems, don't blame me my first guide ever

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    mushy409 Guest
    Well I'm really glad I still have an Infectus It's a bit tatty & has a few stripped pads but works fine (with my diy extension board)

    Also just happen to have a CECHG 40Gb PS3 with v3.61 OFW on it... I've been itching to do something like this for ages. I'll give your tutorial a go later today (sleep first) and let you know how I get on.

    Might also add a few pointers/notes to your tutorial if that's ok?

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    elser1 Guest
    i've got a brand new (sony refurb) 60gig with 3.60 on it if anyone wants to do a downgrade on it..

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    mushy409 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    i've got a brand new (sony refurb) 60gig with 3.60 on it if anyone wants to do a downgrade on it..
    I'm just trying this as we speak... Where abouts are you from?

    A little bonus to everyone, I'll be releasing some SEM-001 NAND pinout diagrams for use with the Infectus. I've scoured the net and there aren't any diagrams for this board (NANDs on either side of board)

    The diagrams will have ALTERNATIVE solder points instead of direct soldering to the TSOP. More to come in the next few hours...

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    mushy409 Guest

    SEM-001 Infectus Alternative Pinout (256Mb NAND)

    Ok guys, as promised...

    I've been busy today putting these diagrams together etc... Let me know what y'all think

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Very nice job mushy409, and +Rep for the pics too!

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