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    mushy409 Guest
    Why, thank you kindly boss

  2. #12
    EiKii Guest
    Nice pics, first SEM-001 out there i had to take a shot in the dark guessing it was same as others really nice +rep! keep it up

  3. #13
    mushy409 Guest
    Just to confirm that my diagrams are 100% correct & working!

    Still dumping the nands a few times...

    So your first patch replaces:

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Am I correct in assuming this? Think I'm getting a bit tired for this now...

  4. #14
    EiKii Guest
    Hmm are you looking at the offset i gave? it might differ slightly, but you should start replacing from:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    That's around that offset somewhere, it looks the same but loaders in different places, and make sure you start replacing from the first "ros". ros looks like this in the beginning:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    there is a double, 2 in a row and you want replace both

    Good luck if you wondering something more just ask, iam not at home tho at lake fishing and drinking beer so might be slow to reply

  5. #15
    mushy409 Guest
    Found it... The patching offset for mine starts at C0220

    Your patch overwrites the part with the lv1 & 2 loaders etc?

    I'm just resoldering my infectus as i'm getting write errors...

  6. #16
    EiKii Guest
    are you using the tools i recommend? as with the other tools, i got 1024 write errors,

    yea overwrite whats in the patch, how did it work out resoldering?

    Good Luck

  7. #17
    mushy409 Guest
    Yes, I'm using the tools (Infectus NAND flasher etc) as the Infectus software still refuses to flash the NAND. I've programmed the FPGA with the firmware supplied and tried using the old & new infectus software to program the NANDs. Seems now's the time to lay it to rest (after flashing 400+ consoles, DVDROMs etc)

    As for now i've completely stripped out the Infectus and ordered a new programmer (only 17.99) I managed to program flash0 before it packed up completely, which leaves me without a PS3 for 2-3 days

    I definitely know it's the programmer as I've made a TSOP48 extension board for my infectus & tried 7-8 different NAND ICs and I keep getting random ecc errors. My soldering is spot on, I tried with my alternative pinouts, and also soldered directly to the NAND pins - still no luck

    I'll be straight back on it as soon as the new Infectus board turns up...

  8. #18
    EiKii Guest
    just to be sure, did you install lib filter?

    what you mean old and new infectus software? you don't use Infectus NAND flasher -NDT ??

    ok you do that, waiting for your reply

  9. #19
    mushy409 Guest
    Yes I'm using Infectus Nand Flasher... I found the problem, well problems anyway. The new programmer works spot on, I managed to restore the original backed up flash0 & flash1.

    Due to me dumping the nands in reverse, when interlacing them with flowrebuilder, they were interlaced backwards if that makes sense. Renaming flash0 to flash1 and vise-versa produced a good 256Mb dump with the offset 0x00C0020 being the 'party' point as in the tutorial.

    Anyways... 4 hours later my PS3 is back to 3.61 (working for now, phew)

    I've rebuilt the 128Mb dumps after applying the just the first patch as instructed. I have the diff patch files from flowrebuilder to flash later on, for now I need some sleep...

  10. #20
    elser1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mushy409 View Post
    I'm just trying this as we speak... Where abouts are you from?

    A little bonus to everyone, I'll be releasing some SEM-001 NAND pinout diagrams for use with the Infectus. I've scoured the net and there aren't any diagrams for this board (NANDs on either side of board)

    The diagrams will have ALTERNATIVE solder points instead of direct soldering to the TSOP. More to come in the next few hours...
    in australia mate. you close or many many miles away.. LOL

    brissy australia mate!!

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