A friend of mine told me about this BETA subscription on the Konami's Web site... so I made mine and made a small tutorial for you all, who are MG fans. OK... let's go:

1) This is the link for the subscription Web site, the main reason for this tutorial is because all the page is in Japanese... and I think not everybody knows this language:


2) On this page, on it's end, select the left box

3) Now a new page will load and it will be where you'll insert your info:

-->You must create a KONAMI ID first, so fill out the first blank space
(it must contain 8 to 32 letters and/or numbers)

-->You must create a password, and confirm it
(it must contain 8 to 32 letters and/or numbers)

-->You must choose a security question. Here you'll need to enter the answer in katakana (japanese alphabet). You can do that by searching on the net by Japanese words...

-->You must fill these boxes with your email

-->You must insert your First name and Surname now, respectively. You can use this site:


Insert the name you want and the hit "cambiar". Down you'll see the katakanas letters.

-->You must choose you gender: Male/ Female respectively

-->You must choose your birth date now

-->You must insert a valid Japanese zip code: search in Google

4) Now hit the left box on this page to confirm. If nothing goes wrong another page will load, where all your info will be shown.. hit the left button again to confirm.

OK, now you have the KONAMI ID... the next step is the Beta subscription

1) This is the Web site: http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/mgo_beta/

Insert your:

PSN LOGIN (the full login, I mean the email):

Hit the button.

2) This next step is a questionary about you and the games you played:

1) it asks what's your conection: ADSL /CATV /FTTH /otrer
2) if you had already played any shooting game on PC or on any console
3) If you already played MGS3 Substance on line
4) if you already played MPO on line
5) if you already played MPO on infrastructure mode
6) Which Metal Gear Titles you'd already played
7) Which consoles do you Own
8) if you are interested on MPO +:

I have a PSP and want to buy it
I don't have a PSP but want to buy it plus the +
I have no interests

9) Choose up to 8 items that you didn't like or that weren't in the game

10) What do you like best in the game:

- the history
- the action

3) Now you confirm the questionary answers by hitting the left button

4) If everything is alright it will load another page where you can confirm the subscription by hitting the left button.

NOTE that it will appear 3 buttons: Confirm/ edit the PSN ID/ Back to the Questionary respectively... you choose the one which is needed.

Finally you are on... now we all have to wait until August sixteenth for the result of the ellection of the 3000 BETA testers. See ya!