Linux users!! Check this out - MEDIATOMB (also works for SuSe, openSUSE, MAC OS, etc)

I have been asking for a way to stream music to my PS3 from my Linux computer much like I could with my (retarded) Windows laptop with Windows Media Player.

Well. No one would tell me a good program to use. I had tried a few (maybe even this one but it was a while ago and I sucked at compiling and installing things in Linux) with no success.

Now I have tried again first with FUPPES witch wouldn't install for me. Next I tried MediaTomb and it works like a charm, easy to install. After install I just had to run mediatomb in the konsel and it told me where to go in my browser to get it up and running!

Now I know this isn't really a tutorial, but that's because their Web site tells you everything so I'll just link it. I recommend this to any non-Windows user.

Their Web site is

Hope I helped someone.