So having issues with Nero MediaHome? Or dont want to "buy" it? Well Tversity is freeware that can help you watch AVI files on the fly from PC to PS3!

What you need:

1. Tversity (
2. Tversity PS3 Patch (
3. FFdshow version 802 (


1. Install Tversity
2. Apply the Tversity PS3 patch

To apply it please follow the steps below:

* Make sure you have TVersity version installed. Please note that this patch cannot be applied on top of older versions and is designed for ONLY.
* Stop media sharing in TVersity (via the advanced menu or the tray icon)
* Unzip the patch file and copy its content over to the TVersity installation folder (by default it is \Program Files\TVersity\Media Server)
* Start sharing and try accessing your audio, video and photos from the PS3
3. Install FFDshow revision 802 (uninstall any old versions before installing this)

Once you have done all the above, goto your windows firewall and in exceptions allow Mediaserver.exe (you can find it at C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\MediaServer.exe) You may need to allow Tversity also, if it allready hasnt been added automatically.


1. Load up Tversity
2. Go to Start/All Programs/Tversity Media Server/Tversity Tools/Start Tversity Media Server. (This may be done automatically but I always do it manually to make sure the server side bit is running)
3. Add your folders/Files via the Sharing Tab and The Green + Icon.
4. On the Settings Tab Choose the Transcoder option on the left and setup your connection speed (wired or wireless) and screen resolution (I set mine to 1920 x 1080)
5. Scroll to bottom of the page and Save your config you have setup.
6. Do the Search for servers on your PS3 and it should now find Tversity server and from there you all know how to play your videos etc.
7. Thats all!