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Thread: How to Sign in PSN with Rebug CFW 3.55.2 on 3.66 Servers

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    HACKDEPS3 Guest

    Cool How to Sign in PSN with Rebug CFW 3.55.2 on 3.66 Servers

    first of all hackers need to speak with other hackers to make and get thing done. only reason that sony is winning is because hackers don't like to share with others, that needs to stop. This might not give you much buts its more than the smart one's that know more than me don't know lets make something out of this im the first to do it this way and i email rebug team the info how i done it last night.

    step 1: rebug 3.55.2 with the update pkg
    step 2: qa token
    step 3: change network setting under debug to rc
    step 4: create new user use the quick sign up

    well that's how i done it about 12pm last night, have not tested a lot because my internet got cut off last night after (i use next doors wifi lol)

    ps also i been trying to find out how to inter-grade xlink kai into the psn spot so all games will work. and sony can and will leave us alone all we need is our own server and our own rules. Every on that hack needs to make this happen we will never again have to use psn again that means we have control of the ps3 and not someone that you don't even know and taking away your stuff like the os.

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    palyons Guest


    Did you mean NP Environment instead of Network Settings? Because there is absolutely no Network Settings anywhere inside of the Debug menu.

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    lightisdark Guest
    yeh i also agree what do you mean? only thing i can see under the rebug settings to do that is connection setting for rebug (duel settings) is that where you put it? or as stated above do you put RC in the NP Enviroment?

    Even when trying to change to the option of duel settings it asks to restart the system but once you do it does not stay.
    Any ideas?

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    TheShroomster Guest
    I am interested in how you got it to work. I messed around with rebug CFW and i didn't get it online. could you get a little more in detail on what you did?

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    TiGrEsItO Guest

    Only allow login, it would be a breakthrough if we could connect to the store.

    But thanks for sharing this.

    Greetings !!!

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    HACKDEPS3 Guest
    Ok what i meant change np to rc the same place in debug setting you got to have the qa token flag to get on this network. oh yea you can also add funds fake card gives you 150 bucks for online content rebug might need to patch some stuff to make it all work can download nextflix and playstation home if had the right patches for this it might work all the way...

    That's were y'all come in get... This thing working fully.

    i never said anything about dual setting and yes put rc in the np enviroment?

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    Snaydher Guest
    Did you sign in retail or development PSN? it's really works? did you play any game online?

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    HACKDEPS3 Guest
    NP Environment

    Edit the environment variable to connect to the network of your choice.

    np : retail network.
    sp-int : developers network.
    prod-qa : production quality assurance network.

    Note : There are other networks than debugs can access but only QA flagged consoles can connect to them (mgmt, rc, etc…).

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    lolwaow Guest
    I'm interested, what is the RC environment actually? My first guess would be Release Candidate but I could be wrong.

    Could you please post the details to get this working? I tried to log in earlier and every time I changed NP environment to RC and rebooted, it would say "NP Environment: Invalid"

    Every time I try to connect, I also get error 80710A06 (the same error saying PSN is down). Afaik, psn isn't down, so my system must not be accepting these alternate NP environments in the first place.

    edit: The only environments my ps3 will allow are SP-INT, MGMT, PROD-QA, and NP, absolutely everything else returns as invalid.

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    Snaydher Guest
    Weird nobody notices that. My kmeaw is QA flagged and I'll try to install rebug and test this later...

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