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    So i did manage to get an account made using this method, but I also received error 8002A280 when trying to connect to psn. I've heard a suggestion that it would work on rebug 3.55.1 but its only speculation cause i haven't tried.

    Try setting your time by the internet in rebug mode on any NP environment, you'll know by whether or not it gives an error.

    Must be in QA flag to access NPe: RC
    Must also be spoofed to the newest fw.

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    Tested, not work. Rebug 3.55.2 with update 0.2 QA Flagged...

    You can login in PSN but not play games at all...

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    Can you buy stuff from the store?

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    i said how to sign in do you every read every thing i don't think you do! and don't say it does not work.

    got an update for y'all you can add friends and use the video chat messaging works and you can add me heyyoudienow as a friend to try it. i set one up so everyone can have a friend still testing. i think the reasoning for the games and store don't works is because we don't have the 3.66 keys the servers must look for these when you enter the game.

    i did more than others by letting you know that you can sign in. this is not done we can fix it to work the games but i don't know that much about how to make the games work but some one else will find out how.

    anyways add me as a friend and we can try to fix this together on psn to get this work this might be our network for the hackers and people with cfw.

    can someone try something for me, there is a new debug 3.66 out if you got it flagged with the qa token enter this network rc in the np environment and see if games will work on that fw with the 3.66 keys. i want to and might be able to but needs my friends ps3 i only have one to play with lol

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    I moved this to the guide section for now, but according to some users on IRC this 'RC method' has already been patched giving error code 8002A280. If anyone makes further progress with it feel free to reply below though.

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    Sigh... i flagged mine and was lucky enough to let me do a quick sign up but as stated above i get the 8002A280 error when trying to sign in

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    is this procedure working right now ?

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    Currently there is no way to get on PSN with PS3 CFW... that said, I suppose I will close this up for now since it's an older thread.

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