Note: You will need to update your repos to do this. Also you will need VLC player working, or something along those lines and this does not work with Vista yet.

1. Sign in as user
2. Go to add and remove programs
3. Search Nautilus actions
4. Install Nautilus actions
5. Close all windows
6. Open a terminal
7. Type 'su' [without ' ' in it] then enter password
8. Type 'nautilus-actions-config'
9. A new window should pop up, click on add

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Leave the rest blank and click on the advanced conditions tab at the top.

10. Click on smb Windows files
11. Then click ok and then click close
12. Type in terminal 'nautilus -q'

Now as long as you have a share folder on your PC this is what we do:

1. Open Computer, Click on file then Connect to server
2. Server type change to Windows Share
3. Server = name of your PC
4. Share = name of share folder
5. Name to use = whatever you want
6. Then click Connect and it should open the folder and a link on the desktop
7. Find the film or tune you want to listen to and right click the file and click on Use VLC and enjoy your movie!