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    Post How to Setup a Media Server with WMP11 for PS3

    If you haven't did so already, Install Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP (Note that Validation is required, so ensure you have a legal version of Windows).

    Now, start it up and click on the arrow below the Library tab.

    Now click on "Media sharing".

    You will get this:

    Set same sharing settings as I have. Now go to your PS3 and sellect "Search for mediaservers".
    It should bring up one server called "Your PC name: Your account name:''

    Example: "MASTER_PC_SERVER: Administrator:".

    Now return to the WMP11 screen and you will see a new device is added.

    Select it and click on Allow.

    Reboot your PS3 if it says you can't view the content. Now, import media into WMP and you are done!
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