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    Luis ngu Guest

    How to ReSign (Port) and Sign PS3 Homebrew to 4.21 CFW Guide

    Following up on the PS3 LV0 (Bootldr) leak, PS3 4.21 EBOOT Resigner and PS3 4.21 LV2 Patcher today I have created a guide on how to resign (port) and sign PS3 homebrew for use with PlayStation 3 4.21 CFW.

    Also below is a Resign Disc Game Files GUI by SliMDiCK (via diablothebest)

    Download: PS3 4.21 File Pack / PS3 4.21 File Pack (Mirror) / AldoPS3​ Tools​ Reuploaded​ by MateoGodlike / ReSELF / ReSPRX - Resign PS3 SPU Game SELFs / gsign_3.55.rar / gsign_3.55.rar (Mirror) by bigjokker / resign_to_disc15.zip / resign_2_disc 3.55.rar (Mirror) by Gamma Argon / resign_disc_game_gui.zip by SliMDiCK (via diablothebest)

    Required (Included in File Pack above)
    • PkgView
    • PKG Content ID
    • 4.21 EBOOT Resigner
    • psn_package_npdrm


    1. Download the homebrew you want to sign for 4.21, Later, we must use PkgView to extract the contents of the pkg from our PC. Drag the pkg in the program, right mouse button on the folder and press extract to source folder.

    2. Open the folder you just extracted, SDISABLER > USRDIR > EBOOT (SDISABLER in this example, for other pkg is different) click right mouse button and copy the reboot. Now we will need the 4.21 eboot resigner for the next step, open the program folder, and paste the eboot you copied earlier.

    3. We launch the resigner, we select the operation 2 NPDRM resigner reboot, then press 2.

    4. We will be asked to enter the content-id of the application, in order to obtain what we need is the program pkg content id.

    5. Open pkg contet id, loaded the pkg, and once that you will see your id, just copy it and paste it into your resigner and hit enter.

    6. Now go back on the resigner folder and copy now EBOOT.

    7. Paste it in your pkg folder (SDISABLER\USRDIR).

    8. Now after you have fixed the eboot, we need repack pkg; and to do this we need the application psn_package_npdrm . Open program folder and copy file in your pkg folder.

    9. Before proceeding to Repack we must configure the package.conf file, open notepad and edit the data as shown in photo.

    10. Now SHIFT+right click for open windows command and type "psn_package_npdrm.exe package.conf SDISABLER" where SDISABLER is the id of your game.

    11. Done. Your homebrew is now signed for 4.21 CFW... Enjoy

    Download: Spoofer Disabler 9.99 4.21 CFW (EVIPS3-SDISABLER_00-00PKG0BY0EVILNAT.pkg)

    Resign Disc Game Files from Gamma Argon

    Download: Disc_Game_GUI_Update.zip / resign_disc_game_update_1.zip / gsign_expert.zip / gsign_drag.zip / gsign_multi.zip / resprx_2pt1.zip / resign_014.7z / Resign_to_Disc_GUI_1006.zip

    Here are some simple tools for resigning disc game files, based on the work of fail0verflow.. instead of extracting the elf, they only decrypt, resign, and re-encrypt specific parts of the self.

    Usage: resign_eboot input.self output.self key_revision firmware_version sdk_version [index]

    key revision for resigned self, 04, 0A,... firmware version for resigned self, 341, 355,... sdk version in sys_proc_param for resigned self, 34, 35,...

    optional parameter: index of the section with sdk version
    possible values 0-index number of last section, default is section 0

    resign for 3.41:
    resign_eboot EBOOT.BIN EBOOT341.BIN 04 341 34 0
    or resign_eboot EBOOT.BIN EBOOT341.BIN 04 341 34

    for 3.55:
    resign_eboot EBOOT.BIN EBOOT355.BIN 0A 355 35 0
    or resign_eboot EBOOT.BIN EBOOT355.BIN 0A 355 35

    key files should be in subdirectory "ps3keys"
    key file name format: app-key-000A, app-iv-000A, app-ctype-000A

    resprx <firmware version> <key revision> <input.sprx>

    firmware version for resigned sprx: 315, 341, 355,...
    key revision for resigned sprx: 0001,0004,000A,...
    key files should be in subdirectory "ps3keys"
    key file name format: app-key-000A, app-iv-000A, app-ctype-000A
    there must be a folder named "output" for the resigned sprx
    resprx saves the resigned sprx to subfolder "output" without renaming the sprx.
    use *.sprx for the name of the input.sprx to resign all the sprx in the current directory

    respu <input.self> <output.self> <key revision> <firmware version>

    firmware version for output self; 315, 341, 355,...
    key revision for output self; 0001, 0004, 000A,...
    key files should be in subdirectory "ps3keys"
    key file name format: app-key-000A, app-iv-000A, app-ctype-000A

    selfinfo is a simple tool to display basic information about a self.
    selfinfo displays:
    key revision
    firmware version
    app version
    type (exe or sprx)
    processor type (ppc or spu)
    if self type is not supported by the resigners posted above.
    common watermarks if found

    If type is sprx, use resprx to resign. For selfs if processor type is spu, use respu to resign; ppc self, use resign_eboot. These tools are intended for use on original selfs. They do not correct errors or watermarks in selfs that have already been resigned with other tools. One exception, some resigners don't write the firmware version to the header (a non-fatal omission). These resigning tools will write the new firmware version to the header.

    Sample batch files: I tested 5 retail disc games backed up and resigned with these tools on a cfw ps3. Improved error catching, added display app version for input self, thanks to fail0verflow and thanks to c for all your suggestions.

    A basic gui for the tools in the first post.. use the properties button to check if it's a spu self or regular (ppc) The gui requires Net Framework 2.0.

    From bigjokker: A very, very simple to use 3.55 Resigning tool by Gamma Argon. I made a simple Bat file (gsign_3.55.rar linked above) so all you have to do is put your EBOOT and PARAM in folder and double click Bat. That is it. This does not work with SELF or SPRX files just a simple EBOOT and PARAM Resigner.

    With this program (resign_2_disc 3.55.rar linked above) from Gamma Argon you can resign RETAIL Update EBOOT and PARAM to 3.55 Disc-Type. Just put EBOOT and PARAM in folder and double click bat file. Does not Resign PSN Update files also doesn't resign any SELF or SPRX files. To resign Disc-Type EBOOT and PARAM use gsign_3.55.rar (linked above).

    Update to gui (Disc_Game_GUI_Update.zip is linked above): changed layout and fixed delay between button click and display of resigning output.

    Minor update to resprx.exe (resprx_2pt1.zip is linked above) To use, copy to the folder with the original version of resprx.exe and it's accessory files from post one.

    Changelog: 0.2.1 When using wildcards like " *.sprx" to process multiple files, a zero length file, an input file read error, or a failure to decrypt a self does not terminate the processing queue. (Key file read error will still terminate processing)

    Here is a tool (resign_014.7z is a this a beta/test version linked above) for converting/resigning eboots from updates to disc type eboot.



    Thank you to c for all your help, knowledge of games, and suggestions. Thanks to jo3tomas and Rudi Rastelli for testing and suggestions.

    Edited instructions, I couldn't get it to load the disc eboot when editing version to same version number as the update. Instead I got error 8001003C. Unless someone wants to experiment, I suggest using higher version number for the disc param.sfo.

    Jo3tomas found a bug while testing, uploaded fixed version, resign_to_disc.exe version 0.1.4 (linked above) fixed incorrect offset in self header for section header offset, added support for sprx and spu self, this is still a beta.

    Changed instructions using updates with resign_to_disc. The klics are binary files. The klic finder I used outputs klic as binary file. Thanks for your feedback.




    resign_to_disc GAME_1_Update_Eboot.bin Game1_355.BIN 0A 355 35 Update_1_klic.bin 0001000000000000

    resign_to_disc GAME_2_Update_Eboot.bin Game2_355.BIN 0A 355 35 Update_2_klic.bin 0001000000000000

    Update of resign_to_disc, jo3tomas found a bug while testing, uploaded fixed version. resign_to_disc.exe version 0.1.4 fixed incorrect offset in self header for section header offset.

    resign_to_disc.exe version 0.1.4 (linked above) converts/resigns npdrm type free eboot/self/sprx to disc type, includes Resign_to_Disc_GUI (Resign_to_Disc_GUI_1006.zip is linked above)

    The simple gui requires net framework 2.0 though I suck at making gui's. For resign-to_disc.exe, everything is linked statically, so it should not request any dll's or anything else to download. I would appreciate feedback on any problems or any requests. Thank you.

    Updated the gui.. now has a little bit of feedback while the console process is launched and added properties button.

    Update to Resign_to_Disc_GUI: more responsive interface, converts eboot/self/sprx from updates to disc type eboot/self/sprx and resigns in one step. Removes npdrm layer and npdrm only elements; uses the same meta data and meta info as original file.

    version 0.1.4 posted above is the latest full update. On a small site I posted some minor variations that were requested features. If you let me know which one you are interested in, I will post it here. I apologize for not replying sooner. Thank you.

    Example: There is a link to blus31465 resigned and working in this post:
    • To resign it yourself, place the eboot.bin in the same directory as resign_eboot.exe
    • Rename it to EBOOT_original.BIN (or whatever you want)
    • At the command prompt enter: resign_eboot EBOOT_original.BIN EBOOT.BIN 0A 355 35 (that's a zero before the "A" in 0A)
    • It will resign the original eboot and save it as EBOOT.BIN
    • Use the resigned EBOOT.BIN to replace the original in the game directory, USRDIR

    Any other self or sprx must be resigned also, I don't have this game, but let me know if you have any other questions about resigning the selfs.

    Resigning Tools Updated by Gamma Argon

    One tool (gsign_expert.zip is linked above) to resign disc game exe's: eboots, sprx, and spu self

    3 versions available: 1. expert, 2. drag and drop, 3. double click batch file to resign multiple files

    1. gsign.exe version 0.3.0

    Usage: gsign input.self output.self key firmware [sdk] [index]

    Key revision for resigned self, 04, 0A,... firmware version for resigned self, 341, 355,...

    Optional: sdk version, 34, 35,..., default is 34, index of the section with sdk version, default is 0

    gsign EBOOT.BIN EBOOT341.BIN 04 341
    gsign EBOOT.BIN EBOOT355.BIN 0A 355 35

    Key files should be in subdirectory ".ps3"
    Key file name format: app-key-000A, app-iv-000A, app-ctype-000A
    SDK version is not used for sprx and spu self

    Drag a game exe (gsign_drag.zip is linked above) to the shortcut to resign it:

    Original file will be renamed with suffix "_ORIGINAL" before using, right click the short cut, select properties, change the "Target" and "Start in" fields to the full path name to the exe and to the working directory.

    Put key files in empty directory ".ps3" and it includes 2 versions, one resigns to 341, the other to 355.

    This one (gsign_multi.zip is linked above) supports multiple input files.
    • Put BIN files in subfolder BIN, click on resign_BIN.bat, resigned EBOOT's are saved in subfolder OUTPUT
    • Put SPRX files in subfolder SPRX, click on resign_SPRX.bat, resigned SPRX's are saved in subfolder OUTPUT
    • Put SELF files in subfolder SELF, click on resign_SELF.bat, resigned SELF's are saved in subfolder OUTPUT

    Includes 2 versions, one resigns to 341, the other to 355. Put key files in empty directory ".ps3"

    Thanks to the developers of ps3tools, every one who provided suggestions and assistance, aldo, his great tools, everyone who provided feedback on the previous versions.

    Update: Here's an update to resign_to_disc to version 0.1.5 (linked above). It fixes incorrect offset for sce version in the sce version header.

    I guess this is not used by the console, some other tools zero out this section entirely. better to be correct though. Thanks to the member who spotted the incorrect offset. Though I'm never sure if I can thank by name if it's from a PM.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    Thanks man I'm going to try this out later.

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    Luis ngu Guest
    try it works

    i'm sorry for my horrible english but i'm italian

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    kaiser7044 Guest
    can you resign ps3usercheat? i tried the one here. but it sends me back to xmb.

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    MateoGodlike Guest
    I don't think you can resign PS3Usercheat? Isn't it based off the dongle?

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    kaiser7044 Guest
    there is a ps3usercheat for cfw. you don't need a dongle to use it.

    i tried to resign it myself. followed this guide. and still no luck. it sends me back to xmb

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    Foo Guest
    Can you re-upload the PS3 ContentID please?

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    Luis ngu Guest
    The ps3news staff will provide to upload files required for the procedure.

    Quote Originally Posted by kaiser7044 View Post
    can you resign ps3usercheat? i tried the one here. but it sends me back to xmb.
    ok i have signed ps3usercheat, try and tell me if it works!

    PS3usercheat v2.3

    Kaiser has told me that doesn't work, I am sorry. I will provide for the fix!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yeah I tried gingerbreads version the other day and I couldn't get it too work.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now mainpaged this guide and +Rep to Luis ngu for taking the time to make and share it here!

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