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Thread: How to ReSign (Port) and Sign PS3 Homebrew to 4.21 CFW Guide

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    Ozz465 Guest
    anyone have a source for packages of homebrew already done for 4.21??

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    I have been adding them as I see them to this article (scroll down for a lengthy list of resigned homebrew):

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    Ozz465 Guest
    link seems to be dead.

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    You are going to have to be more specific... the link I posted works fine here, unless you mean a link on that page perhaps?

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    Ozz465 Guest
    sorry about that , the link in your last post shows up as error page not found.

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    ReSELF / ReSPRX - Resign PS3 SPU Game SELFs by Gamma Argon

    Hmm that is odd, it's working ok here... what browser are you using? Anyone else get an error there also?

    Also below is ReSELF / ReSPRX - Resign PS3 SPU Game SELFs by Gamma Argon

    Download: / (ReSPRX)

    To quote: Resign SPU Game SELFs with ReSELF

    Reself is an adaptation of self_rebuilder for resigning spu game selfs. A member asked for help resigning some game files that were corrupted with publicly available resigning tools. Resigning the files manually with openssl worked, so I adapted self_rebuilder to resign the selfs.

    Usage: reself game.self resigned.self ???

    For ??? substitute the firmware version for the resigned self, ex 355: reself game.self resigned.self 355

    For npdrm only type 3 (free) is supported.. uses the same key files as fail overflow ps3 tools.

    On xp: c:\documents and settings\username\ps3keys.

    For npdrm there should be a key called free_klicensee-key in the keys folder. If your self file doesn't use the free klicensee, just back up the free one and make a key file with the klic for the self and name it free_klicensee-key. Scans keys directory and creates a log file, keys_get.log, of incomplete key sets.

    For self look at the self info first with scetool, readself, or other tool to check if it is spu self and not ppc. If it's 30MB, it's not a spu self.

    Reself is an adaptation of self_rebuilder. It was compiled with mingw, zip includes the 2 msys dll's; place them in same folder as reself.

    Update: ReSPRX

    Here's a slightly different version for resigning sprx. I only have one game with a sprx, and it does not have sys_proc_param. I also looked at one game update with a sprx, and it does not contain sys_proc_param. Does anyone know if game sprx have any other attribute in the elf sections that needs editing for running on lower firmware?

    Tested by backing up a game to internal hdd from retail disc. Edited param.sfo, fixed eboot, and used resprx to resign the sprx. The backed up game runs normally on my cfw console with the resigned files. Here is the tool if someone else wants to test.

    Command to resign one file: resprx ### game.sprx

    Or for all the sprx in the current directory use the * wildcard symbol: resprx ### *.SPRX

    For ### put the firmware version for the resigned sprx; resprx 355 *.SPRX, resprx 341 *.SPRX or whatever. Before running the command there must be a folder named "output" in the working directory to accept the resigned files (or will terminate with fopen error, file/directory not found).
    • Adapted from self_rebuilder
    • Uses key files (like failoverflow tools)
    • Key files go in userprofile/ps3keys, for xp: c:\documents and settings\username\ps3keys
    • The path that is searched for the key files is listed in the console output.
    • For help with key files aldo has a useful tool called ps3keys.exe that will generate key files from the scetool key file in the scetool data folder.
    • This is a beta release; npdrm files not supported.
    • If testing a game that has already been attempted, note that the system software may cache information from the param.sfo. For possible problems and fixes see the page on param.sfo at ps3devwiki.

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    Ozz465 Guest
    using the latest firefox , i'll check it on IE in a bit.

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    jensen76 Guest
    works fine here in firefox...

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    joffe Guest
    to get latest aldostools actual version 2.3.4:

    hope it's helpful.

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    kunglao32003 Guest
    nice, but I am on 4.40 what should I do?

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