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    How do you know if the process has worked or not without testing pkg?

    In step 5, when you enter the content-id; if you get error messages, mean that sectool is not able to perform the resign on the pkg.

    [*]warning: skipped decryption of section 005 <marked encrypted but key/iv index out of rage>
    If not there are any errors your pkg will work perfectly.

    PS: atm, i get this error on gaia manager, ps3usercheat and PSIDpatch.

    release pseusercheat worked for rogero 4.21 CFW

    ps3usercheat (signed by Luis)
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    hey need help. have troubles to repack. can someone re-sign my Psidpatch 1.5 for 4.21?

    i need it for psn my console is banned thanks for answer
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    Awesome Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by froggerfrosch View Post
    hey need help. have troubles to repack. can someone re-sign my Psidpatch 1.5 for 4.21?
    I second this thanks in advance

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    That was done and posted here (scroll down) although not sure if it works:

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    thanks man

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    Thanks for this, shall give it a go.

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    i want to do that tutorial to play my old ps3 3.55 psn on rogero 4.21. i want to know what to write on package conf Content_Type = and PackageType = and will i must change param that edited before to its normal frimware like 3.6 or 3.7

    please any one help i have a lot of psn that cant played on rogero 4.21

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    Do these filepacks work for 4.30? Regero released that already and I upgraded from 4.21 to 4.30 already. Just noticed all the PSN pkgs and patches done work so I figured I start looking around at how to fix it.

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    Works like a charm, slowly getting my psn game collection working again on Rogero CEX CFW 4.21.

    Many Thanks....


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