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  1. #11
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    This same guide can be used to resign PSN Game Fixes.

  2. #12
    nzie Guest
    where is the image to setup the package.conf?

    ohh nevermind

  3. #13
    StanSmith Guest
    How about a tutorial on how to decrypt games eboots and get them working in 3.55 CFW?

  4. #14
    Luis ngu Guest
    I thank the staff of ps3news for having published my tutorial on home


    [Register or Login to view code]

  5. #15
    MateoGodlike Guest
    Aldostool pulled his tools. Here are them reuploaded with the .DLL: http://www.filefactory.com/file/swusgj788p

    Just in case the .EXE PS3Tools in the file is corrupt for me.

    I can't test them cause I do not have CFW 4.21 but I followed the steps properly and I need someone to test my SNES9X v4.4.9 PKG.

    If anyone is lucky enough to not have a brick from Rogero CFW 4.21. Try this pkg and let me know.


    If it doesn't work then i'll try again til I get it right. If it doesn't work its probably something with package.conf.

  6. #16
    Luis ngu Guest

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  7. #17
    StanSmith Guest
    Here's a thought. What is the block for us downgrading to 3.55. We can do it via Service Mode and you can update firmware so why cant we sign or whatever the firmware to be 9.99 but it installs 3.55?

  8. #18
    darksergio Guest
    does somebody has the patched self of react psn for use on 4.21 Rogero I had already tried to make it my self but I couldnt since I dont understand the tools x.x

  9. #19
    Luis ngu Guest
    Spoofer Enabler-Disabler [9.99] [ROGERO] (signed by Luis)

    Rogero PS3 Buttons Layout Changer v1.3
    Rogero PS3 Buttons Layout Changer v1.3.rar

  10. #20
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Well i thought i was doing a good job on the directions but got lost with open notepad and do what now with what picture?? Kinda gets confusing and a lil hard to understand after that. Any easier instructions and maybe a lil more detail please like your gonna have to rename the eboot once the resigner is done left a lot out, trying to learn though any help thanks

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