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Thread: How to Replace the PS3 Blu-ray Drive Laser Lens

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    Dibblah Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OneWhoWantsItAl View Post
    What do you mean by take it "to technical service". Do you work at Sony? You just can't give them your PS3 after you have opened it up. I found out that they will confiscate your PS3 if they find out that you have tried to mess with it. At least that is what they told me when they asked me to send my PS3 unit in after I told them that my PS3 was not playing Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection.
    They will not "confiscate" anything. They will ask you to pay for an out-of-warranty repair, since you have broken the terms of your warranty agreement.

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    OneWhoWantsItAl Guest
    Well, what they told me over the phone was that they would keep the PS3 unit if it was determined that I had tried to alter it in any way. That part seemed to stick out in my mind. Maybe somebody else could chime in if they've also had that same disclaimer given to them.

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    mushy409 Guest
    i'm having a stange problem with my PS3 drive. When I first turn the machine on after it has been sat switched off for a few hours, it will load & play any media I insert.

    After about 10 mins, if there is a game playing, it will crash to a blank screen. Afterwards it refuses to play anything.

    I've popped the lid on the drive to observe it while it is working. I've noticed that when the drive stops functioning correctly, the laser turns RED, instead of the violet/blue colour.

    I don't want to be shelling out 50+ for a new KES400A laser module. I have a funny feeling the BA5888 IC is the cause. This IC controls the laser motor, and as with the PS2, the BA5xxx IC was a common fault.

    I don't have another laser module to test it with, but I do have a spare BDROM pcb from another broken console. I have swapped the PCBs, and the drive seems to operate normally (I know that it will not play games as the BD pcb and the motherboard are paired) but the disc spins up and stays spinning (even after 20 mins+ )

    Has anyone any knowledge/experience of this?

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