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Thread: How to Repack PS3 PUP Files in Windows

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    Post How to Repack PS3 PUP Files in Windows

    NOTE: The whole repacking is completely worthless. The files that one would change are encrypted, and the whole PUP is signed as well. Any tiny change, even if you "repack" it, will make the PUP unusable.

    Nevertheless: Header modified and PS3 PUP file repacked...

    How to make a clone of Firmware 2.35 Retail (EU):

    1. Use PUP EXTRACTOR V 1.0 (

    2. Repack the PUP file in folder: /PS3UPDAT.PUP.EXT

    Useless PUP Repackers (for those with too much freetime only ):

    PUPiT v0.1 For PS3 (
    GPUP PS3 PUP Unpacker/Packer v0.3.1 (

    Used Syntax (in .bat file):
    copy PUPHeader.bin /b + SDK_Version.bin /b + dots.txt /b + updater.self /b + vsh.tar /b + File_5.tar /b + File_6.tar /b PS3UPDAT.PUP
    (COPY file1[/options] + file2[/options].. file name)

    3. That is all folks!

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    geppetto994 Guest
    When i trai to repack a pup file using Pupit, after selected all files in the DOS Windows is written: "Can not find the file specified"

    How can i fix this error?

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    I am closing this now as it's a 2008 thread, but tt doesn't work for repacking, that is why it says "useless" basically.

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