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Thread: How to Prevent Your PS3 from Being Banned for Homebrew

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    Farrukh09 Guest
    Actually, It would download the firmware file onto the system first, then flash the rom. it cant be a live down streaming firmware update, failure has its name written all over that.

    Trust me, rest of sony ps3 security is about to be blown wide open. Sony thought that going after the hackers would pause all jailbreaking progress but they were wrong. just like how they thought removing Other OS was a good idea. They just repeated there mistake.. Give it... a week, there is about to be a crap load of stuff coming out the hackers are pissed.

    No ones intimidated by Sony's made up bs which never was to begin with. Good luck backing that up in court, Sony you really out did yourselves this time!

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    jevolution Guest
    i really think that the easiest way to avoid the bans is to find the file (s) that contain the logs that are uploaded to sony and manipulate it accordingly. Im surprised that the exact files have not been pin pointed and made public knowledge yet, since i've seen various people talking about sniffing the network traffic etc.

    i also think that if these files are located and can be edited, it would be most convenient and feasible for the boot managers to generate random logs using the list of game ids contained in them.

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    UnXuthoriXeD Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SexyVampiire View Post
    You probably saw the "Nickname" option on the japanese playstation network.
    no that's not it. i found it here:

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    Dominator7 Guest
    how do I name the homebrew (eg. mednafen) after a known title? just by remaning the folder in my hdd to BLESXXXX for example? do I have to edit the param.sfo?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Regarding the "recently played" list:

    1 - When it logs the serial/folder name of the homebrew does it also log the serial of the game it launches (if it's a backup manager)? IF so (and I must stress IF) there might be an issue with that. When the backup manager copies games it puts a dash in the folder name/serial, such as BLUS-30576 instead of BLUS30576.

    Meanwhile games online to download typically don't have the dash. If only one is correct that means Sony would be able to detect it. Furthermore when the original disc is backed up it doesn't always put the dash in the same place, for one game it put the dash after the 3rd instead of 4th. Also some games have two serials, the official one known and what the disc actually uses, so if someone downloads a game it may have the wrong serial making it obvious. I'm quite certain what the backup manager detects from the disc would be the correct form.

    So yeah... if the game ran through the backup manager is also recorded that would make things more complicated. Unless...

    2 - How about just creating a custom firmware that doesn't send the log to Sony? No need to deal with all the BS of point #1.

    3 - Isn't this spying Sony is doing illegal? I'm certain it must be in several countries.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Team creatings custom firmware are on the way to do

    Now that we can decrypt everytghing its on the cfw creators to do what the sceene need and want.I hope that good guys will still support us as every time and also release patches and hacked drivers to embend into cfw.

    I know release is way over but we still working on embending newesd things.To time im embending permanent jailbreak to 3.41 (owen patch, not just copy files of geohot 3.55 to acid ) and devil is making good progress on icons and also helped me a lot of coding a acid cfw script that patch all needed and hacked files douring cfw genereting.

    More to come soon...

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Very nice. Please make it so it does NOT send any logs/recent playlists/info to Sony as the official firmware does.

    Speaking of which, where are these logs located so we can just delete them if we wish?

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    Smandrake Guest
    What a genius PSN servers ARE Sony servers...

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    ynoz Guest
    if i get banned i would purchase another ps3 just to go online, i just start saving for it, i just though, last year i spend over $300 in games (MAG, GOWIII, FFIXX, GT5, PSN+ MOVE Bundle), so this year i just save those $300 and get a brand new ps3 only for online playing, that is if Sony starts banning people, meanwhile i just keep on playing.

    and knowing this years titles aren't that amazing like last years' besides KZ3 it would be a smart choice.

    coming to think about it, if sony ban me it would be their lost because that new ps3 would be my last purchase ever, so sony should think how many people like me just want a little homebrew, i don't care about pirating games, i don't even need back ups, and where I'm from gaming is an expensive business, but it loses all it significance if i can reach any game without any effort, pirating would kill my hobby.

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    withnailuk Guest
    What if you just reflash your ps3 with a original firmware & then go online? would sony be able to tell that you have had a custom firmware then? (i would like to no this, as im a bit worried about being banned, i still like to have a frag on cod now and again).

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