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Thread: How to Play PSX Games using PS3SX Pre-Release Guide

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    Post How to Play PSX Games using PS3SX Pre-Release Guide

    Hi guys, after 3-4 hours trying to find why the most users and me too can't play this in the end i learn a way that is not very difficult to fix the black screen issue.

    Like on the video that i upload you too must make very fast the steps like i do, when the hdd led starts blinking conect your device then open your controller, i think that if you do this steps before the you hear the ps3 opening sound it will work, then fast go to video tab push one or tow the button to go up and then fast again go and opn the PS3SX Pre-Release.

    i hope i will help you with this and i tried with hermes psn spoof on 60Gb Ps3 but now i will test it with pl3 payload cause i don't like Hermes payload and i'm gonna tell you if it worked with Pl3.

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    Thanks for the guide Frago and +Rep.

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