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Thread: How to Play PS3 Games on Two or More PS3's with 1 Disc

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    Post How to Play PS3 Games on Two or More PS3's with 1 Disc

    Ok due to request because somehow no one thought of this, here is how you do it.

    NOTICE: THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR ALL GAMES (will be explained in tutorial)

    2 or more PS3 Consoles (so you can do this on how ever many PS3's you have)
    2 or more TV's (depending on how many PS3's you wish to play on)
    Resistance: Fall Of Man
    A game you wish to load on multiple PS3's at once (in this example, I will use MW2)


    1. For this guide, I will use Modern Warfare 2 as the example of game I want to play on 2 PS3s at once for the Lan Party function. The PS3's will be titled, PS3 A, and PS3 B.

    2. Turn on PS3 A, insert Resistance Fall Of Man.

    3. Load Up the RFOM Campaign (any level).

    4. Once the level has loaded, pause the game, and eject the disc.

    5. Put in the game which you are using (for me, its MW2).

    6. Wait for disc to be read, then back in RFOM, click the Save button, and your new game will begin to load.

    [At this point, you may be wondering why you need to do the RFOM bypass. The reason for this is now you can eject your game (my case, MW2) without the PS3 quitting out of the software.]

    [color=red]Note: These next few steps is what determines if your game will be playable using this exploit.

    [color=green]Also, the next steps will be different for any game you decide to play, but the principle is the same.

    7. Now that MW2 has been loaded up, go into the game mode which you would like to play. (I'm going to do a LAN party)

    8. Get your game settings all set up in LAN party, and start the game.

    9. Once the level has FULLY loaded, eject the Modern Warfare 2 disc. (notice how the PS3 will not quit out of the game like normal, because of the RFOM bypass).

    [color=purple]10. Turn on PS3 B

    11. Repeat steps 2-7 (but in step 7, instead of setting up another game, join the lobby of PS3 A)

    [color=red][Next step is important, or your PS3 might freeze]

    12. Once PS3 B has joined the game, and has the level loaded, eject the disc from PS3 B and insert into PS3 A (the reason for this is that PS3 A is the host of the lobby. Once the game is over, if PS3 A doesn't have the disc to read from, both consoles will crash.)

    13. Ta daa, you just played a LAN party on 2 PS3s with 1 disk.

    Ok so after reading this guide, you might see that there are some limitations such as

    This will only work for titles that do not require to read from the disc after the level has loaded (ex. ANY call of duty game)

    You need to be bypassed (so this means you can't play online with your friends unless they are bypassed too)

    Anyways, I spent a bit of time writing this guide, so thanks would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
    Anyways, I spent a bit of time writing this guide, so thanks would be appreciated.
    Much appreciated as always spark32, and +Rep to you for sharing the guide!

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Very well detailed and nicely written guide, thanks for sharing man.

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    syphonlord Guest
    yeah nice one, gonna try this today thanx

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