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    How to Obtain Your PS3 Console ID From OFW Guide

    Retrieving Your Console ID on OFW with Sniffer by jarvis123
    • Download and install wireshark and winPcap (included with the wireshark installer)
    • Download and install the .net runtimes
    • Download and install PS3 ProxyServer
    • Open a command prompt (start menu -> all programs -> accessories -> command prompt) and enter command “ipconfig”. Write down the IPv4 address (should look like or something similar)
    • Open PS3 ProxyServer and copy the IPv4 address you wrote down into the IP Address field and check of PS3 mode, leave the other options alone. Hit the big start button. Keep you IPv4 number handy, you’ll need it again. Leave this program running.
    • Open Wireshark. On the left side there is an option to start capture. Left click with your mouse to select the appropriate network adapter listed below the start command. If you are not sure about which adapter to use, select them all using ctrl + left mouse click. Hit the start button once you’ve highlighted the appropriate adapters. Leave this program running.
    • Boot up your PS3 and navigate to Settings -> Network Settings -> Internet Connection Settings. on the first page select custom, on the second select whether you are connected wirelessly or wired. Skip all other options by hitting right on your controller until you get to the Proxy Server page, then select use for that option.
    • Input the IPv4 address you wrote down earlier into the top field. Make sure that the port number on this page matches the port number on PS3 ProxyServer (should both say 8080).
    • Skip to the last page on the configuration and hit x.
    • Test connection when prompted by hitting x again. As long as the top 3 fields say succeeded you can carry on to the next step. if not, review your settings in this step and steps 5 and 6 and retry.
    • Sign into the playstation network and login to the psn store.
    • Go back to your pc and check Wireshark. There should be a whole bunch of information displayed on the screen, don’t worry you don’t need to know what it means. Press [ctrl]+ e to stop capturing, then press [ctrl]+f to bring up your search dialogue.
    • Under “find” check of “string” and under “Search In” check off “Packet bytes”. Enter 0000000100 as your search criteria and hit enter. If the necessary packet was found, in the bottom frame it should show the number highlighted on the right side (plaintext view) to ensure you have the right packet, right before the highlighted text it should say “devideID”:” and then the numbers you searched for.
    • Take all the numbers and letters starting with your highlighted numbers and copy everything down until you find the next quotation mark in the plaintext. You should have a total of 32 digits written down. Should look something like 000000010084 followed by a bunch of letters and numbers.
    • This is your console id. add 32 more zeros to the end of it.

    How to Make Your Own PS_Unban with Your IDPS (OFW Needed) by Xx-GIPPI-xX

    1. Download PS-UNBANN MAKE TOOLS.rar
    2. HEX editor:
    3. OWN IDPS (OFW) - Follow THIS tutorial on Retrieving Your Console ID on OFW with Sniffer.

    P.S. The pack whit PKGtoolKit as a false positive virus. Don't worry

    1. Unpack the pgk with PKGToolKit GUI v1.3 or v1.4
    2. Unself the EBOOT and after open in HEX editor find this string on text 0000000100. Check your id and if necessary change it.
    3. Above the first part the down ID look the misc number\letter (This is second part of own ID).Check and change if necessary...
    4. Rebuild EBOOT.BIN and repack the pkg. You are DONE!!!
    5. Install on your PS3 jb and sign in on PSN!!!

    I try with my OFW ID and working perfectly.


    • jarvin 123 (for tut of own ofw ID)
    • deneo 24 (its PS-UNBANN v0.2 fixed)
    • Nullbyte (0x00) (first release the tool)

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    Jan 2013
    what are the .net runtimes..?

    for mac

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    Feb 2013
    would you make a video for that please?

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    hey can you please help me i cant play any games, my user names sign on but when i load up my game it gives me error 80010017 please help

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    Feb 2013
    It isn't signed with the correct keys!

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    Nov 2007
    does it still work? i try with wired and wireless, cannot find any string with 0000000100. Try different accounts, downloaded free items from psn store, same issue.

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    Aug 2007
    Why would someone do this. I would not take the risk of banning my ofw ps3. But that is just me.

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    Can someone confirm that this no longer works, the console ID is no longer in the clear text and can not be found using the 0000000100 string. Is there another or newer method to get the console id on original 4.31 firmware, so that saves can be resigned?

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    It looks like it's been patched recently to me as it doesn't work anymore.

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    Thanks for these great instructions

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