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Thread: How to Obtain Your PS3 Console ID From OFW Guide

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    mrpostiga Guest
    I can play online with this no?

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    jensen76 Guest
    that has nothing to do with playing online.. its for getting your console id from an official firmware and it doesn't work any more..

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    Blink1time Guest
    Not even on OFW 4.31?

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    N3RVE Guest
    Very resourceful. Thanks for the instructions. I'll get to trying this later in the week.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Well organised tutorial. I will suggest this to my friend who is banned daily

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    lpo Guest
    Just fine.


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    Bihel29 Guest
    Thanks for these great instructions

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    Kenny5050 Guest
    Will try this soon!

    Thanks for the guide!

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    lazaritos Guest
    nice job

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    jaspie Guest
    Thanks for this, much appreciated

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