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Thread: How to Move Files from Devices/PC to PS3

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    Post How to Move Files from Devices/PC to PS3

    A simple tutorial for people who want there music from there I-Pod on to PS3, or Video from you PSP, Ext.

    1) Take your Device which has the content on it that you want on your ps3 and connect it via USB to your PS3.

    2) Let It pick up the device for a few seconds. Now go to the Category of the desired media you want to put on the PS3.

    Example: If your taking your music from your Ipod to Stick on your PS3 then Go to Music on the XMB (Cross Media Bar)

    4) An Icon should appear saying Storage Device, under Music,Video And Pictures... so if it is Pictures you are wanting go to Pictures on the XMB, Select USB device and hit Triangle.

    5) Select Display all, Then select the folder where the pictures you want on your ps3 are.

    Note: It's recommended that you organize your Files on your I-POD or whatever you are using on your PC in to specific Folders, keeping it well organized will result in it being easier to find on the PS3.

    6) Now all that is left is to copy it from the device on to your PS3.

    7) Hit triangle on the selected file, you can play it to make sure that this is the correct file, or just hit copy to copy it to your PS3 HDD. You can also select copy multiple to copy more than one.

    Note: You should make sure the files are compatible with the PS3, using PS3 Video 9 you can convert you Videos.

    Most Music CDs will copy to the PS3, I-POD music will work too!

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    platoon Guest
    my usb will not show up so i took it to my mate and till no luck. he put it in his ps3 docking station all it work but not from usb point the ps3

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    silencephaze Guest
    thanks man i was looking for a guide like this!

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