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    2High4U Guest

    Post How to Modify GTA IV for PS3

    How to Modify GTA IV for PS3

    You will need the following:
    • Copy of Main .exe from pc version of GTAIV will not supply find it yourself
    • SparkIV 0.6.6 download from GTAIV mod sites
    • Backup-up version of GTAIV for ps3
    • Hermes v4b_hex one i used anyway don't know if others will work

    1. Copy backup version of GTAIV to external hdd and plug into pc or ftp to pc your choice.

    2. Place GTAIV.exe from pc into USRDIR folder from ps3 version of GTAIV.

    3. Now open SparkIV and browse to your GTAIV USRDIR folder ps3 version and click ok when main SparkIV window shows up click browse and the folders and files from the ps3 version should show up.

    4. Edit files click save then plug usb hdd into ps3 make sure to delete GTAIV game data if already installed and start the game. i used NZ hawks awsome mount point manager don't know if others will work.

    I have only edited handling.dat at the moment, hope you like.

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    Apr 2005
    I moved this to the guides section and +Rep for sharing 2High4U.

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    2High4U Guest
    Thanks boss, i'll keep this thread updated with any other files i find that can be modded.

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    2High4U Guest
    UPDATE: Ok I have found out you don't have delete the game data every time it will just quickly install any files you've updated which is a lot easier.

    I have been able to swap cars and some of the clothes from ps3 version of TBOGT and TLAD also swapped Nikos face texture for Johnny from TLad, most of the files in common.rpf can be modded and a few of the files in ps3.rpf can be to, i have modded hud.dat to change the text colour, some of the files can be swapped for versions for the pc like visualsettings.dat, cargrp.dat, vehicles.ide, popcycle.dat the weaponsinfo.xml can also be modded, effects like blood and explosions can be modded with pc versions.

    The only files i have have come across that seem to stuff it up are the sound files for the cars that i swapped for modded pc versions the game loaded and played for about ten mins the locked up with a weird buzzing sound, american.gxt and the rain effects .xmls might be able to mod the ps3 versions of them but pc versions won't work.

    I will keep testing and update when i find out if more files can be modded, also i believe the pc versions .exe might not be needed jut right click on common.rpf,ps3.rpf or cdimages in the models folder and open with SparkIV might work i'm not sure haven't tested.


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