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    Post How to Mod the Information Board using PS3Proxy

    Start up your PS3 with PS3.ProxyServer on. You will see a lot these kind of text at the Logs window:

    [27.4.2008 22:55:40]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:40]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:40]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:39]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:39]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:39]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:38]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:38]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:38]
    [27.4.2008 22:55:37]

    Select the one which fits your country. For Finland I have selected e/fi/en address, a UK user would use: e/uk/en address. Now download those three files to your computer and mod them. If you want it transparent use my settings for your Information Board:

    InfoBoard Background

    Skin.XML (UnRAR it with WinRAR)

    Now go to: Replace Files section on your PS3.ProxyServer and click add. Then put the address to first box, and on second find your own file to replace that one.

    Then shutdown your console and put it back on. Now your moddings should show up on your Infoboard!
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