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Thread: How to Keep DUST Out of Your PS3!

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    Frago Guest

    Post How to Keep DUST Out of Your PS3!

    Hi to all!!! Today i'm gonna learn you unique MOD who i learnt it by myself on a day while i was cleaning my ps3 motherbord from a 4-5 month DUST!!!

    The dust will make the ps3 to overheat a lot and the fan will not work 100% and by the time ur ps3 system be done VULNERABILITY so im gonna tell you the guide and its 100% Harmless i testing this for 7-8 months and this keep my ps3 100% clean and its better and free from a cover that i found on the net by amazon.

    i read some comments that many guys who purchased it were telling that their ps3 system when they put this cover was overheated why the air was difficulty to get inside to ps3 so here it is it and i hope to do this easy and im waiting your comments and ideas for that guide!!!

    Necessary tools:

    1- Min, i take it from an old wedding favor

    2- Logo instant glue or any instant glue for easy gluing

    3- A brain and a time to do all this its worth it believe me

    (1) I took a MIN from an old wedding favor like that in pic 1, 2 and 3 and some logo instant glue or any hot glue for a quick gluing like pic 4-5

    (2) Then i cut the min on the shape to fit on ps3 and starting stick around the Min above in the plastic of ps3 see pic 6-7, just to fit great but
    CAREFUL this is very important cause this wiil keep out ur ps3
    out from dust so do ur best!!!

    (3) Then i check it for any mistake and i close it like u see in pic 8,then check my ps3 4-5 months without this mod in pic 9,10 and 11
    and check it now after 3 months with this Mod on pic 12, the dust that the ps3 sucked a lot before this mod was stuck above the motherbord and the fan
    as u can see in pic 9, 10 and 12 but after that Mod was like never sucked air!!!U can see in pic 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 that the all dust with air
    that ps3 was sucked was stucking on the Min and it wasnt coming Through the ps3 system.When ur done ur ps3 system must look like this from outside see pic 18, 19 and 20

    So I hope this was a help guide and sorry for my bad english i done anything i can, i'm from Greece anyway Good luck to anyone who try this Mod and very thanx

    to Ps3news who help me with this forum to share with u that Mod, i waiting your comments, See ya!!!

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    I gave you a +Rep for sharing this guide here Frago and attached below are some more pics from it so that a year from now when the free place hosting them dies it will be archived here permanently to help all.

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    Frago Guest
    Ok thanx boss and in the future i'm gonna help more with guides like this one!

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    semitope Guest
    Thing about this is you will have to clean it more regularly. The dust that gets clogged on that will prevent proper airflow (and airflow is already reduced by what is done)

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    Poopsqueege Guest
    Nice guide, but i think you can buy items like that for about 6 bucks and you don't have to open up your ps3.. I like the low-to-no cost of your method better.

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    Rac3rX Guest
    worth a try, dust is a pain, and overheating is a system killer, rep +

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    Frago Guest
    thanks guys, later i'm gonna show you how to clean the dust who stuck in the Min withoute open it.. its very simple.

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    AKmania Guest
    Thanks for the guide. But why you have to put it inside if you can cover from outside. If you put it inside the dust will stuck inside too even using a hair drier, and if you cover from outside at less you can replace it with the new one easily without opened your ps3 . That's what i think

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    Frago Guest
    Good question my friend AKmania and here what i say: I thing like this its better for looking if it was outside the PS3 was looking bad so why i make it bad looking anyway my warranty have expired so i give it a try and these were the results.

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    yotengotaco2005 Guest


    Or you can also try using pc fan filters then attach velcro on to them so you can wash them when they get all dusty rather than blowing the dust around inside the ps3.

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