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    Yes yotengotaco2005 its a good idea!! Maybe i will try it!!!

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    i already own nicotine and dust guard. paid like 7 dollars and also usb, hdmi etc dust guards which just protect dust from getting into the actual ports on the ps3. works like a charm too..

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    Does this, in any way, affect the ventilation? I mean, doesn't less hot air get outside the lean mean machine? Or am I wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by devinbedari View Post
    Does this, in any way, affect the ventilation? I mean, doesn't less hot air get outside the lean mean machine? Or am I wrong?
    Yes, but very sligthly, the plus is that you don't have to open anymore the PS3 in order to keep it clean....

    This work best along a replacement of the termal compound (with or without lapping the heatsinks) and an accurate cleaning....

    For example if you should lap the heatsinks, put them togheter with Arctic Cooling MX-3 (guaranteed 8 years) and do this job you can forget the inside dust cleaning and overheating till you decide to throw your PS3 out of the window...

    Obviously you have to clean the dust from the outside, I really recommend a vacuum cleaner to do the job however...

    Plus, if someone doesn't feel it as a pain it's always possible to open one or some window in the bottom side of the case and shield them as the other, aiflow will improve and no dust inside as well....

    Plus is not hard to use rubber legs to higthen a bit the box silencing BD reading and improving even more the airflow...

    Really nice idea..indeed... +rep

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    I use my shop vac to do the job about every 6 months on my PS3. I use it to blow air in then use it to suck any loose dust.

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    Nice I like the aingle hair approch. Same principle though.

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    This is very interesting. I was considering doing something similar with some fishtank filter material that looks a lot like what you used. I was thinking of making a large bag from the material and putting the PS3 inside. This way I could remove the bag & hand wash it.

    I guess my idea does the same job as what you've done, so I might try it. I already have my 40GB completely taken apart (YLOD repair) so now is the perfect time to try this out.

    Has anybody had any bad experiences trying this? I guess not since nobody has posted saying anything bad happened to them.

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    NO ! Never Use the PS3 Vents like its a RAM Air System on a dodge... Use a Vacuum's wand or a Shop Vacc and pull the dust away from the unit..

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    Very helpful information, much appreciated. This actually works!!

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    thanks for such a detailed instruction. I might try to do the same to my home pc. It is really a dust vacuum machine now.

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