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Thread: How To JailBreak PS3 with BlackCat USB / Atmel Flip Windows 7 x64

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    evilsperm Guest

    Post How To JailBreak PS3 with BlackCat USB / Atmel Flip Windows 7 x64

    How To JailBreak PS3 with BlackCat USB / Atmel Flip Windows 7 x64

    This tut is for flashing the BlackCat USB With Atmel Flip 3.4.1

    Things you'll need:

    PS3 on Firmware 3.41
    Blackcat USB 1.2 or newer
    Atmel Flip 3.3.1 or newer

    HowTo windows 7 x64:

    This will work for all x86 as well.

    1. Put the black cat in DFU mode by flipping the switches to 1 and 2 then connect it to your PC and press the reset button on the blackcat.
    2. Open up device manager
    3. Click Action in the menu bar and add new legacy hardware
    4. Click install the hardware that I select manually.
    5. Highlight Show all devices and click next
    6. Click Have Disk, then browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Flip 3.4.1\usb\
    7. Select atmel_usb_dfu.inf
    8. After the driver installs just hit the reset button on the blackcat again and it will show up correctly.
    9. Now open up Atmel Flip and select device at90usb162 from the little microchip in the top left
    10. now click the usb icon and click usb, then click connect.
    11. Load the hex file and flash.
    12. flip the 1 and 2 switches back to operational mode and your done.

    See below if you are getting the Could not open USB device error in Amtel Flip.

    Sometimes The Method Above alone wont get the blackcat to open in Atmel Flip....
    So to get it to actually work in windows 7 x64 you will need to install XP Virtual machine, And install the blackcat drivers in the Virtual machine the same exact way and run Atmel Flip in XP mode.
    To get it to recognize in XP mode you have to click Attach Device in the menu bar of the XP Virtual Machine.
    Then you can install the driver. After that just run Atmel Flip in XP Mode and flash.

    Link to XP Mode:

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    Very nice guide evilsperm, +Rep and I will eventually make a "Sticky" thread in the PS3 Hacks Forum so that these "JailBreak" guides are easy to find.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Awesome work evilsperm and +rep.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    the iphone/ipod have a DFU mode! i wonder how hard a port would be?

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    imtoodvs Guest
    good job, nice to see everyone coming out of the wood works for this.

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    Pantheon Guest
    It seems a lot of users do not know a lot about Blackcat USB (BCUSB).

    First off, BCUSB is not new, the original version has been out for around 7 years. The USB version has been around for 3 years. BCUSB is not a mod chip or has anything to do with PS3. Its stated purpose is for reprogramming CFI flash chips over JTAG (such as TSOP48 etc), or programming high-density SPI serial flash devices (such as computer BIOS etc).

    The differences in the hardware version:
    BCUSB PCB 1.0 - Initial release (based on Atmega8 8KB flash)
    BCUSB PCB 1.1 - Cosmetic revision (colored Black)
    BCUSB PCB 1.2 - Hardware design changed (now uses AT90USB162)
    BCUSB PCB 1.3 - Cosmetic revision (silk screen logo added on back)
    BCUSB PCB 1.4 - Cosmetic revision
    BCUSB PCB 1.5 - Added pull down resistors to the switches
    BCUSB PCB 1.6 - Limited edition "green" boards released with the SPI update
    BCUSB PCB 1.7 - Current high-volume production, includes on board 3.3v or 5v voltage regulator dip.

    So the reason BCUSB only works with 1.2 and newer, is that it uses AT90USB162. And the reason some people have problems putting the older versions into DFU mode, is because the switches float (instead of being grounded). This was fixed in pcb 1.5. It will still work, just requires you press the button a few times, maybe randomly, until it changes mode (just watch the device manager).

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    chesteruhi Guest
    I have attached a newer blackcatusb-fixed-leds hex for flashing and the manager pkg.

    This hex is recompiled with working leds, the blue led now lights up once exploit is running blue led turns off "basically lets you know you did everything right"

    Also thanks evilsperm for your well written instructions I have included these with the zip.

    Thank You!

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    Just got mine, it's backing FFXIII as I type. But I had to use the actual Blackcat software, Flip kept giving crap about the device being locked. But the Blackcat software (rev 2.5 if anyone's curious) worked like a charm, and super easy to use. Although I did go off of the usb driver in the atmel folder, don't know if that made a difference.

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    Red 13 Guest

    Signed Atmel Flip usb drivers x64


    I have found some signed "Atmel Flip usb x64 drivers", tested and works in windows 7 x64.

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