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    I didn't see anywhere in your post that you had an original PS3 game in your drive while trying to load ur backup. If this is the case that is certainly one of your problems.

    After you load your backup in Gaia or whatever ur usin when it kicks you back to xmb you should the see the disc listed is not the game you inserted but the backup you just loaded. We call it emulation

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    is it still possible to connect to psn using the 3.55 kmeaw cfw?

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    Hey sorry if this has been asked before but I just checked and I am on 3.50 firmware (I got a ps3, updated it then a WEEK later this whole jailbreaking started so I stopped updating ) anyways, will this method work with this firmware? If not how could I manually update it to 3.55 in order to do this?

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    I've got a slim on v3.56 am I boned for homebrew or can I roll it back? I've also got a fatboy on v2.5 but the disc drive doesn't work am I equally boned for playing backups?

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    My PS3 would not install geohot firmware correctly. There was always some kind of problem. I did delete it.

    I did install kmeow 3.55 CFW, and all works fine, I run games from hard drive without original disk.

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    PS3Update.PUP file is missing after the upgrade

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    Thank you, it is very helpful

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    I got 3 external hdds w/ps3 games. They all work. However I don't use Gaia or multiman. So I'm curious as to what your using as a jailbreak device. You may have to do everything from scratch. Do let me know. I'll try my best to help... vic

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    can anyone help me jailbreak ps3 3.6 plz?

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    You can't yet, only 3.55 and below at this time are JailBreakable.

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