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    Quote Originally Posted by Obiwan317 View Post
    I actually managed to run Red Dead Redemption (backup) under geohot's jailbreak. I just had to modify the eboot.bin
    So, as long as we get instructions on how to edit the eboot.bin file, we can play backups on Geohot's JB?

    What's the point of jailbreaking the PS3 if you can't play backups? To play stupid SNES games and run a server off your PS3? Get a computer and an emulator...

    There is an ELF auto modifier program out there for backups. Will that auto modify the eboots and allow playing of them using Geohot's JB?

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    Thanks for this, have been modding my consoles for years and hoping a PS1 emulator comes soon so I can play my LEGIT imported games off HD without worrying about lazer and also perhaps cheating on them.

    That and the prospect of MKV support for movies is great too.

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    I don't know about that program. I manually edited the elf file in a hex editor and then converted it into a bin file (using cygwin) and then i also made a .pkg file (again using cygwin)

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    I get error (8002f997) the data is corrupted... tried both jailbreak fw's.

    help please ?

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    after i run this and my system shuts down, i restart it and go to the game section, there is no install package files on there, i just have game data utility, ps2 memory, minis, game data, trophys and store. i'm on 3.55, do i need to do something before hand?

    nvmd, i got it fixed, downloaded the ofw 3.55 and went into safe mode and did the system update, after that I retried the geohot jb and it worked.
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    This maybe has been asked before but can't find it. My Question is... can i put my ps3 on safmode/recovery mode without any special dongle device?

    My ps3 (CECHA1 Fat 60g now on 500gig) is on CFW GEO 3.55 i'm planning to go back on OFW 3.55 so i can install wutangrza PS3 cfw + geo i know how to do this method but i don't know if i can put my ps3 on recovery mode without connecting any dongle.

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    The PS3 "recovery mode", you do not need a dongle for - its very simple, pretty much when your PS3 is off (but red light is on) hold the power button down, it will beep, beep again - and turn off. Then, hold the button down again until you hear a double beep, then you should have the recovery menu on the screen.

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    Is it the time out of the PSjailbreak USB?

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    I think so, but i dont know if this work better than the 3.41 with the psjailbreak dongle, i'm still using the dongle on 3.41, i'm not sure if i should update to 3.55 and install homebrew or not, but most likely, less people gonna go buy the dongle jailbreak because of this...

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    I have a PS3 (FAT) 80 GB with 3.55 Official firmware. My question here is, if I jailbreak the PS3 is it still possible to Un-Jailbreak again?


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