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    for some reason it will not pick up my control when it's in the usb mode i can't use it.

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    Although this question is technical in nature it's the result of jailbreak. Something (Open Manager) ended up not working with the recent lv2 peek/poke patched PUP/GeoHot CFW combo, crashed the PS3 (release slim), and when I tried to delete it it gave an error. Now I'm left with another issue, the directory that the app was in is still there, it's empty but I cannot delete the directory, it simply will not go away.

    I've already tried rebuilding the database but that didn't do any good it's still there, am I going to have to bite the bullet and lose everything I have on the drive, reformat and start over? Or is there another solution? I'm really not wanting to have to spend all that time reupdating, especially on a one megabit connection.

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    I works perfectly here... but I did it at the XMB, just turned on the ps3, went to uptade and it was ok. But just one question: what is the advantage of doing this if we can't install backup manager? Will it be possible to install it in the future?

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    I also get the 8002F2C5 error. But how do you guys update with XMB, as you are talking about?

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    i want to ask the jailbroken 3.55 can run back ups? or can it go to 3.55 cfw? it neither works what's the point of jbing fw 3.55?

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    Just do the normal update firmware procedure and point to your usb stick for the jailbreak file. First, you must update the official 3.55 firmware.

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you. It works perfectly now

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    Can you install a original fw after you have installed this custom firmware? Just want to continue to use my ps3 online & do not want to be banned when have custom fm online.

    Also does install of original fw remove all traces of any cf/homebrew traces? Thanks.

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    This should not be an issue as I've updated my fw from 3.41 to 3.55 and have it patched with the cfw release. Everything working fine on my phat ps3. Only problem now is to wait for the release of a Backup Manager

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    Alright, cool. So could I update my jb 3.41 to this and have it basically jb'ed already? Also is there a gaia manager and such or anything done yet for this?

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