Installing VLC:

1) Log in as root. That means in YDL’s login menu your Username should be “root” and your password is the root password you typed during installation.

2) At the bottom, beside the Firefox icon to the left there is a black box icon called Gnome Terminal. Click it.

3) In the Terminal. Type “yum install vlc” hit Enter, during the process it will ask if "this is ok?", just type "y" and hit Enter.

4) After completion congrats! You have installed VLC

Post VLC Installation Notes:

1) Using an Enlightenment Session, when you go into full screen, VLC will crash. To avoid this. At YDL’s login screen. Click on Session and choose GNOME. It’s more stable.

2) Once in GNOME (not as root), to launch VLC go to: Applications ---> Sound & Video ---> Video LAN client