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    Post How to Install Themes on the PS3!

    1. Find Some Themes
    2. Download Themes
    3. Put a Usb Key in Your PC
    4. Transfer the Theme in A Folder Called: PS3/THEME/*Put Your Theme Here*
    5. Put the USB Key in Your PS3
    6. Go to Settings - Theme Settings - Theme and click Install.
    7. Enjoy Your New PS3 Themes!

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    Thanks, its works nice for me!

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    this seems to be a very informative bit of info, so now we can have a pink ps3 theme

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    This is just what I was looking for! It might be old information for some but not for us noobs. I was a little confused at first until I finally woke up and realized that the "PS3" folder had a sub folder named "THEME"... :duh.

    Anyway I appreciate the info.

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    thanks for going to the trouble of doing this for us noobs.

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