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    sapperlott - ive been trying to install it on ubuntu but no luck

    i don't understand the following:

    I've created a file (attached as ps3_sdk_setup.txt) which contains the necessary environment variables to get the SDK going. You can either copy its contents into your "~/.bash_profile" or put the file into your home (for example as .ps3_sdk_setup) and include it by adding ". ~/.ps3_sdk_setup" to your "~/.bash_profile". It will become active on the next login.

    You can check if everything is setup the way it's meant to be by checking your PATH by issuing "echo $PATH". It should contain the host-linux directories. The manpath should also have been updated so that you can view the man pages by typing "man ppu-lv2-gcc" for example. To check this, type "manpath". The output should also contain the host-linux dirs.

    If this looks good, you should be able to call unfself, ppu-lv2-gcc or spu-lv2-gcc from any directory. If that also works out okay, you can try to build some samples.

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    To all those wondering how to convert .self/.elf into a PKG file, this is what you need:

    PS3 SDK Package Maker by PurpleMadness:

    Read the end of this file on how to make PKG's using this program (This was also posted in the 2nd post by PS3News):

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    i got ps3 sdk, but not installer for it... instructions are vague and do not provide any actual action of installing.

    want to install the ps3 sdk on windows pc, would like to fiddle with it without altering my ps3 for now.

    any assistance would be appreciated.


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    would any one mind posting the sdk installer? i wasn't able to find a download

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    Thanks for these great instructions

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    nice guide bro

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