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Thread: How to Install PSFreedom on iPhone to JailBreak PS3

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    Bulldogzz Guest

    Post How to Install PSFreedom on iPhone to JailBreak PS3

    How to Install PSFreedom on iPhone to JailBreak PS3

    This is a guide from complete scratch, and this is the intended outcome of this guide..

    For the first part of this tutorial, you need to have a a computer running Ubuntu 9.10 + OR a computer running Ubuntu 9.10 on the live mode (Burn the ubuntu 9.10 image to disc and then choose try ubuntu without affecting my computer)

    Requirements - an Internet connection..

    YOU MUST BE RUNNING Ubuntu 9.10+ from live-cd or installation ubuntu, ubuntu on VMware or virtualbox WILL NOT WORK!

    Download the following archive to ubuntu and extract onto the desktop as you will need to move the files to the desktop anyway.

    [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="4"]Download Files Needed: [/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="red"]Loading OpeniBoot onto your iPhone:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Step 1.) go to applications -> accessories -> terminal

    Step 2.) Type in terminal - "sudo su" without quotes

    Step 3.) Type the following in terminal :

    aptitude install libusb-1.0-0

    After this has completed enter this in terminal:

    apt-get install libreadline5

    wait for it to install

    [Side note if prompted with y/N or Y/n make sure if you want to type y or n you capitalize as it shows you.. e.g. if it said [Y/n] you would type Y as opposed to y]

    Put your iPhone in recovery mode... [turn the iphone off, disconnect iPhone from usb cable or the like leave the usb cable plugged into your computer however... then hold in the home button as you put the usb cable into the iphone and keep the home button held down until the usb cable pointing to the itunes logo appears]

    step 4.)

    move the openiboot.img3, loadibec and oibc files onto the desktop of your ubuntu

    step 5.)

    Remember dont actually type the "

    Launch another terminal type "sudo su"

    then type "cd Desktop"
    [Desktop is case-senstive cannot be desktop]

    then type "./loadibec openiboot.img3"

    your iphone screen should flicker and you should be prompted with the OpeniBoot screen, press the power button once on your iphone to highlight OpeniBoot console then press the home button

    go back to the same terminal as the on you just used and type "./oibc"

    alot of text should appear and then when you see "WELCOME TO OPENIBOOT" in the terminal type "install" and hit enter (No quotes) wait for it to say openiboot installation complete then type "reboot" into console.

    You can now unload ubuntu it is not needed anymore!

    AND you have sucesfully installed openiboot!

    Now on your windows computer (Or Linux still it doesn't really matter)

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Setting up the exploit:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="4"]Download Files Needed: [/SIZE][/COLOR]

    IT IS A NECESSITY THAT YOU USE THE OpeniBoot.img3 that has been provided!

    Required: iPhone 3G jailbroken with redsnow/quickpwn/pwnagetwl
    With OpenSSH installed (Available from cydia)

    Filezilla must be installed (HAS to be filezilla)

    Step 1.) On the iPhone, go to settings, wifi, then select the wifi network your connected to then press the little blue icon on the far right and it should say : "IP Address" on the screen

    Make note of this IP-Address.

    Step 2.) Launch Filezilla

    In the host box at the top of filezilla, put the IP Address you noted down from the iPhone, for username put "root" (without the quotation marks) and for password put "alpine" (Without the quotation marks) then in port put "22" (Once again with the quotes) and click quick connect

    Step 3.) at the bottom right of filezilla you should see alot of folders, navigate to the "private" folder then the "var" folder inside the private folder.

    Drag and drop the "idroid" folder into the long box at the bottom of filezilla

    once you have done this, inside of filezilla right click the idroid folder that has been created and click file permissions

    Another box will show up, click the numeric value box and delete anything previously in there, and put "777" (Without quotes)
    Then click the "Recurse into subdirectories" checkbox and click ok

    Your iPhone is now setup, reboot the iphone and choose the 'Android' Boot option to initiate the ps3 exploit

    (Change boot options by pressing the power button and click the home button to execute your chosen option, to launch the normal iphone choose ios, and for the exploit choose android.)

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="orange"]How to exploit:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    If all is done properly, and you execute android, when the screen starts filling up with init you know it is time to plug the iphone into the ps3, to prepare the ps3 ensure on slim models you unplug the cable at the back and plug it in again, and for fat models you flip the switch off and on at the back, you then plug the iphone into the ps3, press the reset/power on button followed EXTREMELY quickly by the eject button, this may take you numerous attempts.

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    Very nice guide Bulldogzz, +Rep and I will link it in the PS3 Hacks Sticky thread now.

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    Bulldogzz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Very nice guide Bulldogzz, +Rep and I will link it in the PS3 Hacks Sticky thread now.
    It's no problem I devoted 2 days working out the easiest way to do this with no errors (iphodroid is a buggy piece..) so I thought I'd make a tut for others that takes 10 mins tops to complete.

    Update: this is the new modified idroid files release, it supports backup manager.

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    FYI: This guy claims the file uploaded is not working:

    If you need me to fix it, I can replace it with an updated one you provide.

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    Bulldogzz Guest
    well you could update that for me?

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    Sure, if you mean to just add the MediaFire link in place of the link in the first post. Let me know if this is correct, and it will be done.

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    Transient Guest
    I can confirm that the file "oibc" in the package does not work on Ubuntu. Also, the MediaFire link is not a replacement for

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    OK, I will wait for someone to clarify what needs updating further then before I go replacing the files. I'm sure in a few weeks this will all be simplified even further hehe.

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    xxkrizxx Guest
    i have ubuntu 10.04 or something like that will that work or do i have to use 9.10 please answer my questions as soon as possible. also wanted to know if there's any danger in doing this on my iphone 3g since i use it for buisness also and wanted to know the risk.

    last question do i have to keep the iphone connected to the ps3 the whole time or do i just conect it to boot then disconect?

    thanks and ps3 news also thanks for helping this noob

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    jimmypopali69 Guest
    Here is a working compiled copy of oibc for those following this guide, it does jailbreak, but when trying to mount "install package files" it crashes to the bash prompt.

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