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    Frago Guest

    Post How to Install PS3 Game Data on MOH Without Freezing Guide

    How to Install PS3 Game Data on MOH Without Freezing Guide

    First download gaia 1.03 from this url and flash your device with one hex from the packet inside in the gaia pack.


    Then copy the game or make a backup of your medal of honor to your ps3 internal sata and then download this hex pack and flash it to your device its called PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes on the downloads you must find it carefully.


    Then flash your device with the hex from the second pack the Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex run the game make the update make the install and the reflash the stick with the hex from the first pack then you will paly the game easily make the steps exactly i wrote and you will not have a problem.

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for sharing the brief guide Frago and +Rep!

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    Scheisen2000 Guest


    Can you explain, what you are actually trying to do?

    From my understanding drizzt has included hexes with the no_unauth_syscall_payload with Gaia. So if I am correct, you end up flashing your device multiple times with the same hex. For what purpose?

    What you need to do if you have already messed up with different payloads is the following:

    Boot with dev_payload, delete messed up game data (maybe you should check with ftp), than boot with no_unauth_syscall_payload, install, be happy...

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    Frago Guest
    If you backup a game with the no_unauth_syscall_payload hex when you gonna play the game after you backup it it kicks you back to xmb, i tested in 2 ps3 60 gb consoles and it did the same i don't know why.. and the best part is that when you reflash the device with another hex like i did with the hex from the gaia 1.03 pack or any other hex and you gonna load the game that you backup it with the no_unauth_syscall_payload hex then it kicks you again in the xmb.

    i tested many times and with a lot hexes and it did it the same thing, so for that reason i say that when you flash your device with the no_unauth_syscall_payload hex to complete the install with the MOH game data don't leave your device with that hex cause you are gonna have problems and reflash it with a hex that was working before 100% or the one from the gaia 1.03 pack.

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