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    How to Install GTA 4 / EFLC Major Distribution Mod v1.7 PS3

    Here's a quick tut on installing the major distribution mods to ps3, as I saw a lot of comments from people asking how to do it.

    1) delete all GTA 4/EFLC game data.
    2) copy your disc or dlc to your hard drive (disc must be external)
    3) open your ftp sever, an go to usb/games/BLxSxxxxxx/ps3-game/usrdir/dlc­1/dlc/common/data/cdimages.
    4) put the 2 script files from TLAD in ''cdimages'' just overwrite the ones that are there.
    5) now go back to usrdir/dlc2/dlc/common/data/cdimages. and drop the the 2 script files from the mod folder of TBOGT.
    6) now go back to usrdir again an open the '' update '' folder and drop in the '' update.img '' from the mod file ''original'' into ''update'' and your done.
    7) start multi-man and press square and check the external icon then run the fix file permissions then start the game ( WHEN YOU START THE GAME WITH THE CHARACTER, BRING UP YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND DIAL 663 TO ACTIVATE MODS )

    Here is the link for the mods I hope this was helpful...

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    Is there any mod to have real cars textures and names??

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    I don't get it dude

    I need a step by step tutorial. Why is the video deleted?

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    Jun 2013
    Do you mind updating the video? It appears to be broken (deleted, whatever). I find these interesting even though I don't use mods. Specifically because I don't run a jailbreak on my PS3 now that I own a super slim which only has the PS1 backup mod to it and a few things that I have been working on.


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    can I use a flash drive for external hardrive if I have gta 4 and the episodes of LC on separate disks how can I mod all 3?

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