The Flash open-source work-a-like Gnash has been rebuilt and tested for YDL v5.0.2. It may be installed via yum:

1. Open a terminal: YDL Menu --> Applications --> Accessories --> Gnome Terminal

2. Log in as root: su - [ENTER] [enter root passwd]

3. Install Gnash: yum install gnash gnash-plugin [ENTER] ... and enter "y" to accept the installation of the mentioned packages.

4. Exit the terminal: exit [ENTER] (or just close the terminal)

Or, you may download the RPM from your Enhanced accounts in the extras/directory and install via the RPM commands (we assume that if you choose this option you already know how to use RPM).

Please note that while the majority of Flash enabled sites do function, those with integrated video controls (ie: YouTube) take a long time to load or may not function properly using Gnash.