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    wobblycat0 Guest

    Lightbulb How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

    i have downloaded SUPER RUB A DUB (FULL ACTIVATION) from the internet but how do i install it on my ps3? i have a memory card and a wireless router if it helps

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    wobblycat0 Guest
    thanks i had a go with the proxy thing and got to the point of being able to browse my computer's hard drive with the ps3 but that was as far as i got

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    TruePain Guest
    Step 3 & 4 gave me connections errors on my ps3 when I void those steps I was able to install the file and everything worked fine, How you did a great job from posting at work much respect, So if anyone gets connection errors undo step 3 and 4 and your good to go

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    cdelnacional Guest

    PS3 Square Button

    help please! i do all things but the "several choices" in step 5 dont appear, i click OK and the PS3 proxy closes, but i click again the PS3 proxy button and it says "the program is already running" :??

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    koncise Guest
    I have the exact same issue as cdelnacional with ps3proxy. I've tried it on both my laptop and desktop, and it still does it on both of them. I wish I could figure out why.

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    guyver2077 Guest
    im guessing this is only for fw 1.50 and up.....

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    lisetemorais Guest
    when i try to go to the ps store give me an error "not possible establish connetion to the server"

    ive ps3 euro 1.50. and i use the dns to by pass the firmware and works fine. say that "i dont need to update ".

    can someone help me?

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    spiderma Guest
    mine did the same with the cf3b5 version, i tried the PS3 Proxy by 31rc and it worked first time.

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    lando786 Guest

    to people who cant get it running

    I think its a file or somthing missing in ur windows installation. I had and HAVE that problem on my win MCE laptop but on my windows MCE Desktop it works fine (slow but fine) i think its something file related not sure what though :??

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    grindin Guest
    Weird, I have the MSWINSCK.OCX file already installed, but the program still won't work for me.

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