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Thread: How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

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    obiloww Guest


    I live in the uk and i downloaded the eur game links, everything works with the proxy, but when the game downloads finish, it says stored in photos and thats it. i cant see the games anywhere!

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    thatcher Guest

    PS3 Square Button

    Quote Originally Posted by dazz1a View Post
    Trying to install demos using the ps3proxy method but i keep getting this after the download: An error occured during the install operation (80029564). BTW its now happening with all downloads including without ps3proxy. Have a pal ps3 with firmware 1.5. Any help would be appreciated.
    I had this problem, Follow the instructions VERY carefully and when the file starts downloading choose 'perform in background' and this will fix the problem. You must choose 'perform in background' as soon as the download starts and before it finishes. So if its something like lemmings activation be very quick as its only a small file and will download in seconds.

    If you select perform in background before the download passes 1% or hits 100% you will get the error.

    Also if your getting a connection error 'You have been signed out of the playstation network' undo step 3 &4 of eternal's guide and redo then set up the connection on the ps3 again.

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    DaveHavok Guest
    you can also use the [email protected] link on the main XMB to install the games...yes you can do that...just exit out of the store while you have ps3proxy running and goto the XMB on the [email protected] icon....that will thru up the file link in the ps3proxy... you don't even need to install [email protected] now you can use that link to install you games and not have to worry about rushing to hit the download in the background method!

    so in your ps3proxy in you'd be setup like:

    Folding @ Home Link | PKG File On Your PC To Install

    Good Luck

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    LittleLizard Guest
    To all those whose files are being stored in "Photo":

    From my experience (attention: FW1.7!!), you have to wait for the D/L-meter to reach at least 1% before you hit "perform in background", then it works and stores your files under "game" - note that image and description still match the one you chose in PS store, but file size matches. Installing works to, then.

    NOTE: On FW 1.7, it does NOT WORK if you DONīT let it download in background. The reason for this seems to be, PS3 installs packages right after dl, and recognises some missmatch.

    Used PS3proxy by 3r1c

    P.S.: Might be intresting if the downloads that went into "photo"-oblivion still consume disc space...

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    nuke888 Guest
    I'm using ps3 proxy 3r1c version.. dunno why when i do download a video it ends to the music section and not on the video one how can i correct this ? (since it seems there is not any option to move the file to the video part) i was using before the one were u have to input the proxy yourself but cant use it anymore...

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    obiloww Guest
    thanx i've tried this though, but with the folding home link the download dont even start, like before. and for some reason the folding home itself dont download anymore. and the store say that the amount of 'perform in backgroup' i have is reached so no more performing in background.

    dont bother m8, i've fiqured it out. thanx tho. what im concerned now is that the activation file for game like rub a dub download and install, but the game still says u need to purchase the full version. whats wrong?

    Edit: now gripshift usa works on my uk ps3, but no one is ever in the room. rub a dub activation installs but when i play the game its still demo. im using the folding @home cuz my pstore dont work so i also use folding. once again can any1 suggest a way please to get lemming and rub a dub activation working through [email protected] install.

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    derrick82 Guest
    Anybody got warhwak beta running if they aint been invited this way?

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    dragon1141988 Guest

    Download problem with ps3proxy


    i have a question. I have installed ps3proxy and my ps3 is also right configured. Now when i want to download my data from pc or with the right url, the download canceled after a few minutes. When i watch on my pc screen, i see that the programm ends apruptly. There is the typical windows information that the program ends and the button if you want to send this. I dont know where the mistake is...

    I hope you understand my problem and you can help me.


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    luka83 Guest
    hi to all,

    i have problem for connect with ps3proxy gui, last time i used like 1 month ago was work perfectly, but now afer i updated my ps3 to 1.80 and formatted my pc i received this 2 errors when use proxyserver: in the connection test: 80028ea6 and say failed on internet connection, and when i try to acces give me this error 80710092, what can be the problem? maybe the 1.80 fw?

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    parapolikalos Guest

    PS3 Cross Button Install Demo PC to PS3

    Hi all,

    is it possible to install demos from pc to ps3 without internet connection. I have the demos resistance (us) and ninja gaiden on my laptop. At my home i dont have connection to the internet, i have a wlan router as well at home. How can i intall now the demos to ps3? Is it possible. I have 1.8 Firmware on my european PS3.

    Thanks for helping me

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