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Thread: How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

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    Duff Man Guest
    are you using this version PS3 ProxyServer Installer (ENGLISH) found in the downloads section? from the top - make sure each step works

    use static ip addresses to make this simple - for example

    your computer and ps3 are connected by a switch/router whatever and both can connect to the net

    set the ps3 proxy in your ps3's network settings to (your computer) don't test it - just accept it

    run ps3proxygui - enter (the computer address again) click ps3 mode - click start

    enter psn store - it will not allow you - you must update - but in the logs section of ps3proxygui is a link to the ps3-updatelist.txt file - save it to your computer

    edit the imageversion to all zeros (000000etc)
    edit systemservicesomething to your current firmware - it should be 1.5100 - i think

    link the link from the logs to the left side of the replace files tab - and your computer copy (which is edited) to the right

    connect to the store again and everything should be working

    good luck!!

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    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by stevefox View Post
    i've got 1.60 my ip is can access to psn. that is the address of your router you need the address of your pc that is running ps3proxy. then enter that in the box and then on your ps3 .

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    h0stile Guest
    I just can't make it work. I have the ps3 (pal 1.70) connected to the router via wifi and the pc wired to the same router. DHCP is on and both the ps3 and the computer can access the internet. actually the ps3 cannot access it unless i put it in the router's DMZ. i tried to follow the tutorials closely, tried both softwares and none work. the ps3 obtains an IP but it can't connect to the internet. on top of that, one software is in chinese and the other is not working properly.

    the one in english gives me the IP and port and when I press start a windows appears with an ok button and a message. after pressing ok and setting the ps3 properly nothing happens. isn't this the time when I should have seen a window with a browse button? and if the ps3 has no working internet connection, how can i link the demos to the pkg files? i'm thinking all this mess is not worth when a game is just five dollars away. i've spent all morning and afternoon trying to set it up and for what? it's just not worth it...

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    Numer0bis Guest

    PS3 Square Button

    the guide worked for me except that I couldn't replace the pkg files with a demo from the web store. PS3 would always download the demo to the Photo folder and would give me an error after the download that it couldn't install the demo.

    But I just replaced the pkg file with Folding @ home installer and everything worked. Maybe thats some kind of new protection in firmware 1.7

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    stevefox Guest
    can i install on a euro account a demo released only in usa or jap store ? when i try to do this the destination folder of files is photos and i don't know why

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    robertr728 Guest
    has anyone tried the new calling all cars link on this site? i have tried it but i get the software must be updated when i try to launch the game. i was able to sucessfully install the game using ps3proxygui but cannot lauch cuz my firmware is 1.50 . can someone with higher firmware try to install this game and tell us if it works or not?

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    Duff Man Guest
    i tried calling all cars on an AUS 1.6 pal - it said cannot be accessed from your account, nothing about firmware...

    mind you i can't even buy the game legit, it's not on the aus store, and you can't buy from other stores as your credit card won't match the address, thanks sony, i guess i'll just keep not buying the 10 launch titles that are available....

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    stevefox Guest
    i can't undertand why i'm using proxugui and the destination folder when try to redirect demo is always photo folder ... ut begins to download finish and a mexage with destination folsder photo appear--- why ? duffman told me that's not possible to use background download while redirecting demos on firmware 1.60 ....

    to dufff: you talked about thread talking about home folder etc.... i cannot find them

    i've tried to redirect armored core on my ps3 euro on account italian and it run.... somebody nows how to resolve this problem? i cannot redirect download in background on fw 1.60 ....

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    thatcher Guest
    I'm using 1.70 firmware, I set up the whole thing and it worked right upto the download screen.

    The pk file downloads and then right at the end i get a installation error and theres no file!!

    Can anyone help?

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    Duff Man Guest
    hey stevefox - if you are using firmware 1.6 then you're on the right track because you've bypassed the update check.

    so you'd link the actual internet link for armoured core on the left side in ps3proxy (on the line under your link for the firmware bypass) and on the right put the local address for the pkg you want to install (for example c:\game.pkg)

    in the store, download your file and watch it - background downloading is bad! well in my experience on fw 1.6

    after it downloads it should install - but wait and watch - it won't take long over the network

    thatcher - with fw 1.7 i've heard people say you need to download it IN the background. However your missing files suggest they have gone into your photos directory.

    what i read in this thread a few pages back is that you need to use the folding at home link on the psn store. why, i don't know, but people claimed that using that and downloading in background would do the trick. then in your game section you have the option to install. - read the posts backwards and you should find it

    Duff Man

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