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Thread: How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

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    robertr728 Guest
    Neco beat me too this post. i found that library file the other day it works like a top and installs all the necessary files you need.

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    spiderma Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NeCo View Post
    For anyone having this issue where PS3Proxy by 3r1c minimizes after choosing OK, you need to install the complete libray files package
    thanks m8 that worked a treat

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    Duff Man Guest
    ok - this isn't the word of god but from my understanding this is accurate - check more first tho - i BELIEVE that to access the store you need firmware 1.50 or up - check a few threads to validate this - if you believe this is what you need to do then you can find the 1.50, 1.51, 1.54 etc firmware on the site - so i think that's your problem....

    Duff Man

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    silverjax Guest
    PS3 Proxy doesnt work anymore on my PS3... it'll ask me to update :\


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    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by silverjax View Post
    PS3 Proxy doesnt work anymore on my PS3... it'll ask me to update :\

    mine either dunno why this has started happening to me. i am still able to use ps3proxyserver.gui and add the text file fixed and it logs in no problems. but ps3proxy used to log in on its own and now it wont., im looking but cannot find how to edit it to get it working again.

    im betting there is a way we can edit a file and have ps3proxy look at it to get it working.

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    bombai Guest
    All work in a ps3 EUR on firm 1.70? I have tried by port 8080, and then i will try by 80 port. Has anybody transfered any game on firm 1.70 by wifi?


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    stevefox Guest
    something strange happen... i've followed the guide i've got 1.60 my ip is can access to psn... when i try to download from ps3proxy a pck file something strange happen the ram occupied by ps3proxy become higher and higher.. then error andi i have also to restart pc.

    notice another strange thing... i start to download the file, on the screen "wait....." ram occupied in task manager by process ps3proxy start to raise and stop when it reach the dimension of the file i was triyng to redirect. that's why i cannot redirect file larger then 1 gb since i have 1gb ram. this is strange... why does this happend ?

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    bombai Guest
    Somebody can tell me one wireless router for ADSL (no cable) that works fine with wifi? I have a 3Com wireless router 802.11g and each minute broke the connection to my ps3..


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    bombai Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MHAQS View Post
    The breaking problem must be something else. I use DLink DSL-2640t and all is well.
    I have tried to disable the WLAN security, the firewall, open DMZ to ps3's ip, disable the DHCP server, open the ports that use ps3, and all thats are posible, and y have linked my pkg's to the FH or free demos, and i cant transfer any file to my ps3. I use firmware 1.70 and when i am downloading a demo by proxyserver, always fail the transfer, included the background download.

    Someone can tell wich could be the problem?


    P.D: Sorry for my english, is very bad.

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    Duff Man Guest
    well you all had me worried but i just checked mine and ps3proxy still works fine - this is the one by Cf3B - not the 3rlc one. i guess everyone's setup is different but if you follow my guide a few pages back it should still work. remember that the address you put in ps3proxy is the address of the computer that you are running it on. alter your OWN ps3-updatelist.txt file which you can capture in the logs section.

    you should be ok - i'll gladly help anyone out but please just give me as much info as possible (steps, software, network, firmware etc)

    best of luck!

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