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    levin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by uiui View Post
    gripshift eur version doesn't work. try the us version.
    Thanks now it works. Great

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    Cerinthus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NeCo View Post
    Just thought I'd post my experiences of this as I have the process working on v1.7 firmware.

    Firstly I only use PS3 Proxy by 3r1c and just set the DHCP address on my PS3 to the ip of my PC. I don't run any other software.
    I can confirm that this method works on an NTSC PS3 (Canada) with firmware version 1.70. Duff Man's method did not.

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    nonborn Guest
    I have a euro 1.70 ps3.Im trying to run "PS3 Proxy by 3r1c" and i get the program minimized when im done with ps3 settings and i press ok... I cannot get settings screen of the program. In processes i have the program running but i cannot find it anywhere. I tried the programs in my desktop (Vista) and laptop (winXP).

    Is there something wrong with my PS3 settings and i cannot get the program running properly or its something else? I searched in forum and i saw that some ppl have the same problem as me but i didnt find a solution for this...

    Anyway,this is my first post hope im welcome

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    parma Guest

    PS3 Square Button 1.54 ps3

    hey, i just updated my 1.31 asian ps3 to 1.54 to try the ps3 proxy. I have configured and got it running however, when i try to sign up it tells me i have to do a system update

    my friend sent me a new ps3-updatelist.txt and a link to put on the replace file bit

    [Register or Login to view code]

    this still didnt work. anyone else having the same problem or know how i can fix it please?! I really wanna play gran turismo Hd hehe


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    Duff Man Guest
    parma -

    1, if ps3proxy is running then DON'T link anything and connect to the psn store
    2, it will say you have to update - BUT doing this will give you the link (under the logs tab) to the file you need to download (your friends may be different)
    3, save this file on your computer - change imageversion to all Zero's (0000etc)
    4, change the systemsoftwareversion to whatever you currently have - i have 1.6 - so mine is 1.6000
    5, now the link you download the text file from (the one in the log) copy to the left hand side of the replace tab - then put your NEW file in the right hand side



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    parma Guest

    Duff Man ftw

    Hey Duff Man, thanks a lot for your quick guide. I went through and got it working. YAY

    Appreciate your help and quick reply!!!

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    Duff Man Guest
    hey MHAQS - that's the right idea - having them on your computer is the best way to go. just click on the links in the sticky game link thread and download whatever you want. ps3proxy is then used to put them on your ps3


    PS - dear any moderator - i posted a guide a few days ago as a new thread (The Easy guide to firmware bypass) it is yet to appear, awaiting approval, if that could be approved, i'd be greatful as it answers questions people keep asking!! Thanks guys!!!

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    Duff Man Guest
    ah no worries - thanks for the feedback!!

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    spiderma Guest
    is there anyway to get PS3 Proxy by 3r1c working on vista? i had it working fine on xp now i have upgraded it minimizes and i cant see it.

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    NeCo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by spiderma View Post
    is there anyway to get PS3 Proxy by 3r1c working on vista? i had it working fine on xp now i have upgraded it minimizes and i cant see it.
    For anyone having this issue where PS3Proxy by 3r1c minimizes after choosing OK, you need to install the complete libray files package from this link -


    as just getting the MSWINSCK.OCX file from this site as in DuffMans guide will allow you to run PS3Proxy but will not allow you to proceed past the first window.

    This is what I had to install to get PS3Proxy working on both my Vista 64bit system and my XP 32bit system.

    Hope this helps some peeps out.

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