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Thread: How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

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    gaznov Guest
    Try this - each time you download a new demo thru your proxy from the store or pc ensure you use a "free demo" link that you have not used before. Also, if in 1.70 make sure the downloads are performed in the background. You need to be quick when downloading small activation files (100k). When downloading activation files you can use the same link that you used to d/l other files of the same title.

    Some of these points are mentioned in other areas on the forums, but thought having it in 1 post may help others. Worked for me.

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    Duff Man Guest
    ok here is the Duff guide to getting Lemmings (and hopefully get it working - hey it worked for me!)

    1. get the lemmings AND activation download from this forum
    2. Use a Euro account and log on to the store - EDIT - i'm not sure if there is a difference between UK and Euro stores - my address for this was London so maybe it was the UK store (and the lemmings starter pack link was there as of 1 day ago should still be)
    3. Use ps3proxy.gui and capture the REAL lemmings starter pack link
    NOTE: it will say ACTIVATING before it starts to download
    4. cancel the download
    5. Use proxy to re-link to your version on hard disk (i'm pretty sure it's the same so you could actually just let it download if you haven't got it already on your computer, but that theory is untested)
    5. download the lemmings starter pack again (re-linked to your local copy) again it will say activating. - it will then install
    6. now simply re-linking your local activation file to the lemmings starter pack didn't work for me, so what i did was go back to my normal account (AUS) and download the activation via the blastfactor link (which is the one i use to proxy ANY download) so my suggestion for YOU is to download the activation file from any free download that does NOT activate itself....

    hopefully this helps - i'd read to download both via the Euro starter pack link but that didn't work - this did...


    ps PAL 1.6

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    Venedor Guest
    I'm still getting an error occured during installation. Also I got it to go once, but for some reason it saved it in the photo directory. Any thoughts?

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    NeCo Guest
    Just thought I'd post my experiences of this as I have the process working on v1.7 firmware.

    Firstly I only use PS3 Proxy by 3r1c and just set the DHCP address on my PS3 to the ip of my PC. I don't run any other software.

    Duff Man's guide for the Lemmings install above put me on the right track.

    All I did was have the Lemmings demo install downloaded from the link on this site selected in PS3 Proxy. Then I signed into the PS Store with my standard UK account. From there I browsed to the Lemmings demo in the store, and chose download. It should say 'activiating', then proceed to download the file from your computer. Wait for the download bar to reach atleast 1% before selecting 'download in background' otherwise it will fail. Then exit the PS store

    The file seems to take quite a long time to download in the background, atleast 20mins on my setup, but once it has, choose install and it should install and run just fine.

    Then to install the full activation, I changed over the selected file in PS3 Proxy to the 'Lemmings Activation download' linked to on this site. I then logged back into the PS store, chose the same 'Lemmings demo' from the store as before, and again chose download. The only problem you have here is getting it to download in the background as it is such a small file it usually errors to quickly. What I have found to work is when choosing download, just button bash the X button as fast as you can, until the grey box appears in the top right corner telling you that the demo has finished downloading. (This normally takes a few goes to work, if the download errors, just re-choose download, and button bash away until you get it to work)

    Then just exit the PS store and choose to install the file again, and it should activate just fine.

    Just to mention, this was the only game that required me to use this specific process, and the 'Activation' part before the download seems to be important in this case. Props to Duff Man!

    Other titles such as rub-a-dub installed and activated fine using any old demo from the store.

    Hope this helps anyone having probs.

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    robertr728 Guest
    man this game is giving me fits. so i went and downloaded the starter pack straight form the store. then i applyed the activation usind proxy and it is not activating it will let me play now but it says see store for more levels. so im trying now to download the older lemmings file i had saved on my pc and see what that does when i activate it again. before i would get the not playable on your account but well see what it does not that im downloading my file from my pc. using the lemmings starter link. ill report back if i get it. but i think they have changed the lemmings starter pack to not work with the current activation?

    ok i finally got it to work, so here is what i did:

    use the uk lemmings link to download the lemmings file ive had on my pc since like 1 month ago.
    then ran lemmings and exit out.
    then use blast factor demo link to download the activation link ive also had on my pc for a month.
    this time when i started it its fully activated and all levels are open.

    im guessing that the new lemmings on the store has been patched to close our activation trick as i didnt really do anything different this time. except i used my lemmings game file insted of downloading it from the uk store. and i also tried to play the game after i activated it fully. i can also play it on my us account too it doesnt care after you activate it.

    dunno if this game was worth the trouble but the education was. LOL.


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    Duff Man Guest
    hey robertr728, glad to hear it's working

    you made me remember something i had forgot to mention - i played the game unactivated aswell - in demo mode, before getting it to activate properly, maybe that does do something, i left it out because it seemed unimportant, but i won't make that mistake again!!!


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    damciopl Guest
    I have got euro PS3 with 1.70 firmware. I wanted to install Lemmings through PS3ProxyGui. I have followed instructions from (skipped 3rd and 4th step) but I always fail at signing in account. I mean when I use internet settings without proxy i can get in a PS Store an sign in but when I start using proxy everything works (internet browser, previously started download) except for signing into PSN and PSStore. I connect to internet via D-Link DI-514 router. For proxy settings i type my LAN ip and port 8080. I use WinXP Pro SP2.

    What can be a problem? Please help.

    ok nevermind previous problem. I know that im kinde flooding this forum but please. when i start downloading lemmings from my HD using ridge racer 7 relinked by proxy it saves it in the photo folder. why does it do that? how can i fix it. i know that when i was searching through this forum i saw someone that had same problem like my but i dont remember which thread it was. please help :P

    ok worked it out myself. for anyone with same problems i just relinked [email protected] download to lemmings on my HD

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    levin Guest
    I have a pal ps3 with firmware 1.7 and ive used this guide and downloaded gripshift (eur version) and that went well and the install went weel too but when i want to start the game it says "This content cannot be accessed on your account (80029513)". I tried making and uk account (im danish) and doing it again but no luck. can anyone help?

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    uiui Guest
    gripshift eur version doesn't work. try the us version.

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    Hey People, are you guys aware the PSS been updated added PS1 classics to the PS3, Super Rub 'a' Dub Demo and Full game, and Gauntlet 2 (hurray) the rest are video trailers. hope we get links asap i wana play gauntlet 2!!!

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