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Thread: How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

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    roudy888 Guest
    Thanks for the great work everyone ! I just installed Warhawk with 1.9 evrything work until I try to play. When I chosse online it search the network but a network error occur.

    Are the server down or 1.9 blocking it now?

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    teddyruc Guest
    warhawk beta ended on around july 1st. don't think it will work ever again.

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    roudy888 Guest
    really? LOL i feel stupid... Sorry to have bother.

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    waterboy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Eiskalterkiller View Post
    Last night i tied to install the full-version of Super Rub a`Dub, but it didn`t work, how shell i install it? I did it so, that I first downloaded the starterpack, than the activationfile. Than I installed the starterpack and then the demo. what I have done wrong? Plz help me somebody.
    It should work like this:

    1. Install Super Rub A Dub Demo
    2. Install Super Rub a Dub Activation

    is this what you have tried?

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    roudy888 Guest
    Anyone got Super Stardust HD to work?

    And I tried Crash Bandicoot and didint work... any other ps1 title work or all the same corrupt data?

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    jd200 Guest

    Smile re

    none of the full games will work from 1.80 upwards.. like stardust and crashbandicoot and others. you get the coppy protection error, so now you know.

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    jalaneme Guest
    there is a gripshift v2.0 available on the usa store, anyone got a link for that?

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    DarkUSS Guest
    Yeah, I noticed it too! I don't know what have changed though...

    Anyway, if someone has the link please post it on the sticky thread

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    DarkUSS Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by XPert View Post
    1. Delete all not working installed games and their saves.
    2. Login with correct region account for each game (EU/US/JP).
    3. Use ProxyServer with PlayStation Store (NOT with [email protected]).
    4. "Download" any demo or starter pack from PSStore by ProxyServer with needed game file from PC, and then do it again with activation file.
    5. Exit from PSStore and enjoy.

    Sorry for bad english - i am russian.
    Actually, your English is better than most native speakers.

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    jd200 Guest


    the ps3proxy has a log box thats were you will see the links

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