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    SL00 Guest
    is any one using ps3proxy on windows vista 32 bit? i have the same issue of "program already running" i've tried to adjust compability to XP/SP2 but it didn't work as well.. any ideas?

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    Mintor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    Step 2: PS3 Proxy will tell you what IP Address and Port you need to enter into the PS3 later, write these down. (Mine was IP: Port: 80)
    PS# Proxy didnt give me an IP and port number, just and 8080 as if I had to enter it myself - i know my IP on the network, but not my port number - how can i find that out, i tried ipconfig/all in cmd. Im on XP Pro.

    EDIT - changed to the other version of PS3Proxy. Nevermind

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    rick2733 Guest
    I cant get ps3 proxy to install on my pc, do i need to put linux on the ps3 and install it there, sorry for the newb question and im sure it has been asked many times i keep getting a file mising error

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    OnA XM202 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rick2733 View Post
    I cant get ps3 proxy to install on my pc, do i need to put linux on the ps3 and install it there, sorry for the newb question and im sure it has been asked many times i keep getting a file mising error
    No, PS3ProxyServer installs on your PC, but this is not the thread to ask this in. Search for the PS3ProxyServer thread and don't take this off topic.

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    Duff Man Guest

    PS3 Square Button

    i found the 3r1c version to only work on my laptop but the CF3B5 version works on all my computers, another problem with the 3r1c version was that my laptop would crash when the files were anything bigger than 280mb-ish. So the CF3B5 version solved all my problems and is awesome!!!

    My thoughts for getting ps3proxy.gui to work is the dotnet fix files, in my experience 2 is NOT a direct upgrade of 1.1 - they can BOTH be installed - that helped get my proxying working, and the guides in this tread are already top notch - together you should (fingers crossed) be ok

    "It's all going dark for Duff Man.... Like Duff Stout - the beer that made Ireland famous"

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    Pugamall Guest
    Ok I have trawled through the pages to check for answers before I post I can see nothing that matches, so here goes:

    Can I assume that you run a seperate wirless adaptor to run this, ie I run a wireless router (Which my pc and my Wii and PS3 use to connect to normally), but I also have a Wifi Max to run psp's and Ds's and the like.

    Do I connect PC through router and make a network connection to my PS3 through my wifi max, ie change the address on my wifi so the ps3 connects to the internet through my PC internet connection sharing ?

    as I have followed steps, but my PS3 wont connect to playstation store, so I cant get as far as redirecting, I got to assume I am getting the wrong end of this ?

    Help me pls as been on it hours now and its driving me mad, lol

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    Mintor Guest
    I figured it out with another method of installing demos/bypassing firmware check using just ps3proxy:

    1) What do you need

    -ps3 proxy

    2) Actual installation

    - Create a ps3-updatelist.txt and put this in exactly as you see it.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Now save this to an easy to remember location!

    - go to my computer or somewhere with windows explorer browser and open the following file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in notepad.

    - in notepad add the following to the end of your hosts file

    [Register or Login to view code]

    save the file and exit

    - go to the ps3.proxyserver.gui and go to proxy setting tab and for ip address enter the router ip of the computer that you are running the program with.

    - in replace files tab, click add, 1 line with 2 columns appears. on the left side put in "http://fus01.ps3.update.playstation.net/update/ps3/list/us/ps3-updatelist.txt"

    and on the right side click the little dot and select the location of the edited ps3-updatelist.txt on your hard drive

    - go back to proxy setting and click the big start button.

    - start ps3proxy.

    - now go to your ps3 and go to internet connection settings. you do not need to mess with settings UNLESS you connect differently than an automatic router assigned ip. head towards proxy settings and select use.

    - enter in the ip and port of the pc where ps3.proxyserver.gui & ps3 proxy are running on.

    - test connection, if it works, register yourself on the playstation network and then go about entering the URL of the game in the left column of the Replace Files tab and the local path in the right.

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    Mintor Guest
    skirocket - if you have downloaded the pkg files onto your computer you put the local path (ie. c:\downloads\games\file.pkg) into the right column.

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    OnA XM202 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by frogger View Post
    im using eternals method and have got it all working fine have downloaded the rub a dub activation file and all is working fine.As soon as i go to download say hot shot golf demo all goes fine til about 40% of the download then PS3 Proxy just closes on me . this has happened about 7 times now and is very frustrating any ideas ?
    Have you tried re-downloading the Hot Shots demo from the PS Store? You may just have a corrupt file.

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    kevin1fsu Guest
    great thread! just tried gripshift and lemmings. tried to get mk II to work but i guess it needs an activation. anyone got it to work? also how is everyone getting the links for the store downloads? id love to help out

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