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Thread: How to install demos? PS3 Proxy Guide!

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    jd200 Guest

    Big Grin re

    bacterius activation dosent do nothing, 2 player mode is still darkend out so thats why i think its not work on 1.82.. or how do u tell its activated?

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    jalaneme Guest
    super stardust HD does NOT work, "copyright error" message.

    hehe i got lemmings to work, to make it work remove the save game data from the hard drive uninstall the demo game also, re download lemmings from the store, install it DO NOT start it up, immediately download the activation and install it, THEN start the game and it should all work completely unlocked.

    nucleus is up on the euro PSN, i am requesting an activator for it please!

    thats bacterious for the jap version and nucleus for the euro version, i'm presuming the activator for bacterious won't work with the euro version?

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    SPYdir Guest
    Guys i need help,

    I'm using the PS3Proxy by 3r1c plus simple dns, i have a ntsc-j fw.150 ps3, with the method i enter the PSN and redirected a .pkg file with the proxy program everything seems right except transfer speed. i closed the antivirus programs, i checked settings but no idea ? BTW i'm using Belkin Pre-n wireless router
    Cfosspeed is installed on my xp.

    Any ideas guys to solve my speed problem, waiting for your suggestions and solutions thank you.

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    derrick82 Guest
    bacterious and nucleus no such luck installing both 2player still unlocked and still playing in demo mode

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    EGM92 Guest
    Is anyone now having problems sending stuff through [email protected] to download? I can't get [email protected] to download the files, it takes me to a screen to download FW 1.82 update, even then I get an error (80710504), but everytime it takes me to download the update which is weird. Is there anyway to stop this? it wasn't happening pre-E3.

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by teddyruc View Post
    i've got rub dub, gripshift, soduku, lemmings and bacterius working, are there any other full games confirmed working?
    Are you talking about the demo or activation for Bacterius?

    I tried via [email protected] method but it's always just in demo mode. Maybe I'm missing something, but I've got others working (Lemmings, Sudoku, etc)

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    cucu21 Guest
    i only got gripshift to fully work, i think rub a dub didnt unlock two players and other levels.

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    derrick82 Guest
    Ive got all part from lemmings to work no matter what i do its just trial highlighted in pink that i can access.

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    jd200 Guest


    your all just better off buying them.. some are only 1.99 uk and the ones u buy have your name on them in info, thats what i did.

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    SpoonSLR Guest
    Guys does this work on EU 1.82?

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