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  1. #131
    Nalgas Guest
    I got lemmings.. gripshift and super rub a dub FULL WORKING with 1.50

    then I tried Go! Puzzle and it doesnt seem to work with the actual activation pkg file... anyways Go!Puzzle needs 1.50+ and then I upgraded. I bought tekken and MK2... and I would like to know if anyone got Go!Puzzle to work.

  2. #132
    jalaneme Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Booster View Post
    I was able to get the Lemmings activator to work but I think it was with a 1.5 firmware or something, I had made a post on how I did it a while back, don't remember where though, maybe in this thread. :??
    i have firmware version 1.81 now and when i downloaded the file installed it and played the game, nothing had changed.
    Quote Originally Posted by ssj3goku87 View Post
    But hey most of the games are under $5 lol so cmon your not that cheap that u cant pay $5
    i would rather use the money towards buying real ps3 games, some of these games cost up to 5-7.... i brought super rub a dub, flow and mortal kombat 2 out of my pocket so i think that's enough spending for now lol

  3. #133
    DarkUSS Guest
    Has anyone tried the newly added links for Joust and Rampart?

  4. #134
    jalaneme Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkUSS View Post
    Has anyone tried the newly added links for Joust and Rampart?
    yes, and they both don't work.

  5. #135
    derrick82 Guest
    Anybody get GO!Puzzle installed and working?

  6. #136
    aldostools Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by derrick82 View Post
    Anybody get GO!Puzzle installed and working?
    The starter pack works but in demo mode. The PAL activation file does not work, except if you buy the game. The full game is fun and cheap (all packs for US$5.99)... I already bought it

  7. #137
    pablo Guest
    Hi guys. It isnt very clear to me so I ask this stupid question. Why go through the PS3ProxyGui steps to download a demo if we can download them directly from the store? Also, is there a way to download a demo from the store and then activate it to full mode? If so, which ones?

    Sorry for all the questions but I just got my PS3 yesterday and Im trying to get the most out of it!

  8. #138
    jhfit Guest
    So what is the point of dl'n these "full games" if they dont work? I got callin all cars and got the copyright error... I can dl demo without all this.

  9. #139
    Nalgas Guest
    If you read previous posts you could see that for example... I got Lemmings Full working... same with Gripshift (US, and there was no need to create an US account cuz I used proxy) and I cant forget Super Rub a Dub is working FULL here too. Seems to me there's at least 3 good reasons to use proxy... if you dont want to use it dont complain.

  10. #140
    jhfit Guest
    uhhh... huh? ok so there is 3 actual working games? How come that list has several more than that.. Again my question being about why certain games I get an error "copyright protection"

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