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    B4tm4n Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by alexseph View Post
    People, i need some help. My transfer rate is too slow.
    Could your anti-virus program be interferring with the upload speed ?

  2. #112
    alexseph Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4tm4n View Post
    Could your anti-virus program be interferring with the upload speed ?
    No, it's not the case. I tried to turn off the anti-virus and the firewall of the computer and it was the same, very slow.

    After make the configuration on the ps3 i tested the connection, i dont't know if it's a problemn or not. About the [email protected], how this method works?

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    davecazz Guest
    Hey Duffman, I saw your last comment and looked this up in your post history. This was definitely the next step for me. I used to have problems because I was copying other user's update list instead of just getting the one that my console requested and modifying that.

    Now that that is fixed, I see the update list being requested in the proxy log but I get an error when I log into the store. "An error has occured. you have been signed out of playstation network (8002a212)"

    Any ideas from anyone? I have firmware 1.32. I just want to make sure that this isnt the problem.


  4. #114
    killapiff Guest
    im stuck. im online with the proxy but i dont know what to do from here.

    help me out please.

  5. #115
    Duff Man Guest
    hey davecazz - i don't know for sure, as i have fw 1.6 - but i know there is some kind of firmware restriction for the online store, maybe fw 1.32 is too low - i know it's been covered here somewhere - so look into that

    however as long as your proxy is working - all net connections are normal except the 'use proxy server' pointed at the computer running ps3proxy, and if ps3proxy is logging files, then it should be working... remember don't 'test' the connection after you set it up

    hmmm - any other info?

    ALSO - new point

    i noticed that the PSN store (US) says that you can download the license files for PSX games so they can run on your PS3 - i think that ps3proxy could log these files, as they might be pkg files like those used for rub a dub and lemmings - can anyone with a US account who has bought any of these confirm it? it may allow us to install these via proxy!! yay!!

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    jalaneme Guest
    i don't know if anyone can help but when i tried to install the PS3.ProxyServer.msi file it says i don't have net framework installed when i do, version 2.0 but it's not recognizing it, i reinstalled the net framework and repaired it but it still gives the same message, so i can't install it, the other program is giving me a error message "MSWINSCK.OCX" is invalid or not registered, i have no idea what it means either.

  7. #117
    Duff Man Guest
    believe it or not it's easy to find those files - simply type the whole "name dot extension" (MSWINSCK.OCX) into google and there a plenty of sites to download it then instructions on how to install it/register it.

    however you can also install framework 1.4 AND 2 - they can both be installed and i find this works a treat

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    jalaneme Guest
    how do i find out what proxy to use without the program? i tried using my ip address from my pc but i got a connection error on my ps3, i tried entering the default getaway and i get a error with the proxy server program?

    i entered the default router ip address, primary dns, sec dns, ps3 ip address and they all give me a error message on the PC, but when i use my pc default ip address it acts normal but i cannot downloading anything within folding home, error message, what am i doing wrong?

    i cannot edit my previous message so i will post it here, please help as i ain't no advanced computer person who know all this stuff, so just bare with me please, i managed to sort out the MSWINSCK.OCX error thing, and open the program, i got the IP address correct but when i try the other program to download a "demo2 from the store i cannot connect to the internet at all, it just keeps me signed out, any help please?

    well an update, i finally got this working, i already got gripshift full this is so cool, it's a shame no one was able to help me out i was lucky i found out myself, btw i had more luck using the PS3 proxy program by 3r1c instead of the other one.

    btw i set this up with firmware 1.8 latest PS3 firmware, you can merge my posts if you wish.

  9. #119
    RUSHER2 Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    were did u download the winstock thing becuz i have the same problem

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    ssj3goku87 Guest
    i downloaded tekken 5 DR and i cant play it cause of copyright protection >_> is there anyway to avoid this?

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