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  1. #101
    justMaD Guest
    uday, does ur guide only on ntsc version? cause i got a pal @ 1.8 and it doesn't work :/

  2. #102
    justMaD Guest
    yeah, i did so, but the ps3 is giving me an error before it's even finished downloading... anyone with a pal 1.8 got it to work ?

  3. #103
    Zman86 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by uday View Post
    Only thing i can think of is that u have copied the wrong the folding at home link in replace section of PS3PROXY OR COPIED THE WRONG LINK FOR THE FILE U ARE INSTALLING.
    Thanks for the reply Uday, I found out what I was doing wrong. Silly me, I was replacing the [email protected] with the playstation3 store links instead of the files I had downloaded. After I did that everything work perfectly. Thanks again for your step by step instructions.

  4. #104
    davecazz Guest
    Uday, thanks for the guide. I am still having some problems though.

    I've tried to set up the proxy at various times since it came out but have had no luck yet.

    I have firmware 1.32, is there an issue with this working?

    I follow the instructions for setting up the ip address and port in the proxy and ps3 but when I log onto the ps3 store, it tells me that I need to upgrade my firmware.

    Is there anyway to debug this and see if the ps3 is even trying to connect to the proxy server? then, if it is, how do I get around the version check?


  5. #105
    mrsatan Guest

    Damn, not working for me

    Hmmm, I have tried this many different ways with the Armored Core demo and the Virtua Fighter demo and the file ends up in the photo directory if I do download in background, if I try the folding at home method the installation gets an error. I'm sure the proxy settings are all right, something must be happening that I don't understand. Any suggestions?

  6. #106
    xberserker Guest
    Is there a way to do this on a intel iMac? I don't have a windows machine at home.

  7. #107
    shipwreck Guest
    I keep doing this but it stops at about half way through. I did everything correctly. I am thinking that firmware 1.80 doesn't work. ok now it does start but it always gives me an error at around 40%. I have all of my settings right. Has anyone tried this thing recently with 1.80?

  8. #108
    ennemee Guest
    Okay, what do those links do ? (zeus.dl) they're to demos and games on the psn, but why do they say not work? why would they be there if they dont work?

    and during a normal download am i supposed to place something under the 'zeus.dl' row (left and right side)? i succesfully installed a lemmings torrent but now i have a "copyright protection information is invalid." message when i try to play it. any clues?

    i realize its a lot of reading, but i've been stumped for a very long time. any help would be appreciated...

  9. #109
    Duff Man Guest
    guys with 1.8 - here is a tip.. the whole 'proxy' thing isn't required for any demos - (rub a dub and lemmings can't help you with, as you need to buy them) but should you be having difficulties with free demos then just download them through the store

    'oh but my region store is crap' you say. 'then create a new account on your ps3 and then create a new online account with an address in the country you want' i say.

    sure it's cool to proxy stuff - but if you have the latest firmware you really don't need to.. or even if you DON'T you can use ps3proxy to simply trick the firmware check - search for more posts by me and you'll find many guides to do this.


    Duff Man

  10. #110
    alexseph Guest

    Transfer rate too slow.

    People, i need some help. My transfer rate is too slow. I have the pkg of armored core in my pc and i configured the ps3proxy and the ps3. After choose the armored core pkg file in ps3proxy i go to the ps store and choose a beta game to download. At that moment the proxy show in the log tab the information of the request, but the transfer rate in the ps3 is too slow, almost the same as when i download the game from the ps store using normal methods. Even if i put the download to run in background the transfer is too slow.

    Am i doing something wrong? When you instal a demo that you already have the pkg file in you pc, the transfer rate is faster than when you download from the ps store? I have a japanese ps3 with 1.80 firmware.


    ps: sorry for the bad english.

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